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So as a Leaving-CA present, a friend came over last night with a box of NOS tubes, we tube-rolled the Two Rock for a couple of hours, and he left me with
two complete sets of pre-amp tubes:

1. 3 misc label ribbed shortplate Telefunkens
2. 3 misc label Mullards

FOR FREE eek! we're not worthy

I now feel like I have a justifiable, competent opinion on the merits of these tubes versus any other 12ax7s I have tried (I have some GE, RCA, and random Chinese/Russian stuff). The Teles are quieter (from a hum/hiss standpoint), have slightly less gain, WAY less mids, and go all bell like and shimmery if you tame the bass EQ a bit. The Teles have *awe-inspiring* separation on clean to slightly bluesy gain chords, you can easily pick out the component notes. Swapping in the Mullards, it's Detroit Rock city, louder, rawer, much more rocking, more smearing of chords even on the "clean" channel. Which is funny, because that's NOT a sound I go for very often, but damn it was satisfying to wail on smile On the lead channel with things dimed, we got into fuzz box territory.

Now, the thing about the Two Rock is, it's a Dumble style circuit with cascading gain channels. So the clean channel master affects how you hit the input of the lead channel, the character of V1 carries through the amp, and the Lead Master is your output control, when you've stacked the gain.

So, where we wound up leaving things is, Tele in V1 for the big round cleans, and Mullards for V2 and inverter for those rare occasions when I want to rock out with my cock out.

At the end we went back to the tubes I had been using (RCA in V1, GE V2 and inverter) and...well they didn't sound BAD per se, but they were nowhere near as lively as the Tele/Mullard combination. Less chime, less rock, less ring on pinch harmonics, and actually, less gain and volume all around.

NOS tubes. I am now a believer. we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy
damn, lucky dog.
That's awesome your friend set you up like that. I have a much less cooler amp than that - a Crate Palomino V16 that I've also got a mix of Mullard and Tele's in - I use a Mullard in 1, Tele in 2 and then back to a Mullard on 3. I'd tried a 12ay7 in position 2 to kind of clean it up, but it cleaned it up too damned much - the Tele is just right in that position.

Edit: a friend of mine whose cd I played bass on named Hunter Henrickson is a Two Rock endorser, and I'm pretty sure he has a tele/mullard combo in his rig as well - I made the switch in my crate after having a rap with him about tubes. He's a good kid, sorta a texas bules shredder 18 year old wunderkind, which isn't where I'm really coming from musically, but it's inspiring to see someone as young as he is tearing it up so thoroughly and still keep his head on his shoulders. I was little mister path'o'destruction when I was that age. Fun to play that stuff now and then..
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