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module for spinning things
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Author module for spinning things
i wanna make things spin in oscilloscope/laser world

im thinkin the Doepfer 138e triple crossfade/polarize or Mutable Blinds might be the best choices, but thought I'd ask y'all what you thought of that..
Have you seen this? Not ready yet but soon...
you want phase offsets..

so a lfo into x and something like a 90 degree phase offset of the same waveform in y

quadrature forever. all the spin
FEAGUE is what you need.
makers wrote:
Have you seen this? Not ready yet but soon...

of course! but until its out, i need some polarizing action. already have quad and octature modules.
if you have are set.

put your X and Y ramps into a triple fader A and B. they will normal down the module.

then patch sine and cosine to the cv inputs channel one and channel two..

then continue patch with XY out from channels one and two.. play with cv and bias amounts/direction.

this will make your raster twirl on a 45.

triple fader is key. but you can do similar things with VCAs and such
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