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digital performer users - is anybody out there ?
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Author digital performer users - is anybody out there ?
i know most DAW users are on ableton, logic, & pro tools these days ... but i am still using digital performer and i am always looking for other die hard DP users ... please stay in touch
long time DP user here w00t
once in a while i use it. used on some projects last year but haven't opened it in a while. every time i think i'm getting used to it i want to punch one of its 87 windows.
i use dp
though at the office mostly protools
very frustrating motu yup - I figure why muck around with another platform once you learned one...
20+ years for me. I was using it when it was just called Performer. :you kids:

Use Pro Tools a bit and recently started experimenting with Reaper for some of it's varispeed capabilities but DP is my comfort zone.
Me too. I think my first was Performer 3.14 on a Mac SE-30
User since DP2.7, still use it regularly. I like it even while recognizing it's not perfect. I'm pretty agnostic about DAWs, I see them as tools and figure most will have things that specific users will like more than others.

Even though I've used it a lot of the years, I'm one of those people that knows and uses maybe 10% of what it will do. Every now and then I learn something DP does that makes me feel like an idiot (as in "why the hell didn't I bother learning about this years ago".) But I guess that's probably true for most mature programs - having so many capabilities that few users actually use all or even most of them.....
Soy Sos
Also started with Performer on a Mac SE.
I can't even remember the version,
but it was sometime around 1989.
I pretty much only use it anymore for dialog and new chamber music.
Totally painful to build any kind of beat based music for me anymore although I did a ton of reggae, house and hip hop with it back in the day.
Ableton is so much more fun for me in that respect.
Waveform editing, stretching and built in pitch editing is still so good though.
been using since the 90's when it was called performer. still use dp 9 now and then but finally moved on the Ableton a couple of years ago and it just suits my work flow nad sequencing needs better. dp is still a great daw.
I'm on DP10. Been a long time user of DP since I switched over from Logic years ago!
Back in the day, I compared Professional Composer with Personal Composer--remember that?--and I went with Jim Miller because of his personal (pun) support. In '98, I finally bought Digital Performer, and used it a few years, but I've always preferred hardware to software. Coincidentally, though, I just bought Ableton Live Suite yesterday just to be able to do stuff while carrying nothing but a 12" Macbook. I had tried Ableton (before "Live") in the DP days, but only yesterday wanted to be able to do some quick and dirty software arranging because I like Arturia's Pigments.
by chance anybody know if omf is still supported in dp10?
criticalmonkey wrote:
by chance anybody know if omf is still supported in dp10?

The manual isn't out yet but I'd be really surprised if they removed any of the functionality that sets it apart.
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