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Video capture
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Author Video capture


This black friday 20% of at the local video store just made me wanna buy a new video capture card. Today I use Terratec Cinergy XS USB (or smthng) and it is really crappy and bad compression etc.

Thinking of going with blackmagic intensity shuttle thunderbolt or the h.264 pro recorder. The later more expensive but could be used in both windows and mac environmen (not linux?).

Do you use any of these or should I look for something completely different?



I've only had good experiences with Blackmagic products. thumbs up


Intensity Shuttle can also be used to send video from your computer into a video synth. But apparently it can not do in and out simultaneously.


Black magic shuttle is crisp, but not as crisp as a dslr to a crt at 60fps.


I am pretty happy with the black magic intensity shuttle. But I should go for a test with the dslr also.


I like the Intensity Shuttle, 10 bits/channel component input, solid capture software, good compression options. It can be used as an output, but only bu software that supports it, not as an external display.

I haven't learned how to process the resulting capture to look as good as my CRT though. DSLR rescanning still gives me lots of aliasing, which isn't the look I'm going for.

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