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Erogenous Tones cv8
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Author Erogenous Tones cv8

VC8 is a high density VCA module designed to give you a large number of VCAs with CV level and OFFSET control, along with optional VCA controlled dual sub-mix capability.

This looks very interesting, maybe someone could point me out to similar modules in terms of functionality?
I was going to get the levit8 module but heard the pots are more wobbily than harvestman stuff, personal preference for me but I like my knobs solidly bolted with no wobble!

I got 2 ALM tangle quartets for vca duties, they have individual and mix out, I think they are great!

I had and recently sold off the Levit8 — not because the knobs were wobbly, but because the module itself felt crammed. As far as a utility :: real estate ration is concerned, there's no better combo of Levit8 and this new VCA. But sometimes it might feel a tad too tight!
Thanks for the input guys, as my setup is more towards live performances oriented, I'll better get two 3/4 channel ones this time, especially since I need them in a bit different positions on the rack.

Rick Burnett
Pots on the LEVIT8 and VC8 are different, on the VC8 they panel mount.

The size target on LEVIT8 is what lead to the decision to using non-panel mount pots. I know some people aren't fans of this style, but I've never had an issue with the quality of the pots, I went through like 4 or 5 versions before I selected these. The nuts and LED spacing just didn't work.

If you look down the side, you'll see there is no extra room between the pots, the LEDs, the switches, and the jacks. There are a LOT of mixing/utility modules, so the design on this one was for size. I use multiple ones in my setup so I needed them to be smaller.

Basically, high density was the target.
Almost everything is perfect about this module. If only it has an exponential switch.
I agree. An exponential option would be perfect.
Is the VC8 DC coupled? I didn't see anything in the specs saying it could be used to control CV signals.
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