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Euroduino programming issues
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Author Euroduino programming issues
How do, Im wondering if anyone else has had the same problems as Im having with a Euroduino. I built one a few months back, and its working fine, and Ive just built a second one and the breakout board, and Ive run into a few issues.

The first issue was with the programmer cable; looked like the black and blue wires were the wrong way round on the 6-pin header. I did email CA about this at the beginning of the month, and got a single reply which might have led somewhere, but although Ive asked back twice I got no further reponse

In the end, having discovered that it was really just a nonstandard-wire-colouring FTDI cable, I part-dismantled the cable and rewired it. However after that I started running into problems trying to programming the Arduino. Im not unfamiliar wth Arduinos, so I was able to test the cable works by reprogramming a Boarduino so Im pretty sure Ive got that sorted, but Im still getting the same problem with the Mini Pro, the all-too-common

stk500_recv() programmer is not responding

Has anyone ese had this problem? As far as I can tell this might be indicative of a missing bootloader (which I believe I can rectify with a USBTiny programmer and AVRDude) but if there's a known solution that's different it'd be nice to know.
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