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SHmkii v1.666 and manual clock changes
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Author SHmkii v1.666 and manual clock changes
New user here... just updated to 1.666 from factory firmware (no version displayed).

I like the security of this new method of changing tempo, but I miss the manual adjustments possible with the one-knob approach. Holding INT and pressing down while turning... makes "performing" the tempo really difficult.

Is there a method I'm missing in this update? Other button-combos that would lock tempo adjustment and allow macro-turns without holding down other button combos?

Curious what the conversation has been around this?....
This one has been hard for me to accept as well. I'm missing the justification for this modification.
I'd also prefer some other Key combination

holding shift + turning the encoder for fast tuning and the big knob for fine tune would be great

here's some wish I'd like to see in my dreamers Firmware dreamy dreams

having CV or assignable control over the step numbers , clock divisions , transport options

invert the sliders for Speed pages ( up is fast low is slow

when copying....... having the possibility to delete the buffer with the Init button. If you copy the wrong page... the only way to get rid of the data... it's to paste it somewhere.

holding shift + gate = enables dual gate per track
( the CV button could light up Orange )
If it's technicaly possible... having the CV output operating like a simple trig so having 2 consecutiv step would let you trig some percusions.
I may be the only one using the module for druming seriously, i just don't get it

Having a way to Load with CV any specific stored preset.
Maybe sacrifice the CV clock input with a secret mode
Or any of the assignables
Just dont know if all the buttons are designed to have some lights there to show what mode is enabled.

Also something intrigues me... below the Load button I see '' compare '' writin there. I tried mostly every combinations in order to find out something. Only thing I noticed is that you can light up the Load & save at the same time and not sure if it's somewhat related to the compare function that is not even mentioned in the manual.

The module is insanely well design and probably that the expander will answer all of this.
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