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Aidan Baker...............Help!
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Author Aidan Baker...............Help!
Where to start? hmmm..... help
I'm of the opinion that he half-asses a lot of releases, so for every great record there are many mediocre ones. Makes hunting through his back catalog difficult.

First stuff I ever bought of his was the CD-Rs he put out on Piehead, but they were subscription-only limited runs and I would assume very difficult to find any more.

My favourites are all the records he's put out on Alien8 - his new one, the one with Tim Hecker and the Nadja records. He also did some collab work with thisquietarmy that had some great moments. I find most of the nadja stuff that wasn't released by Alien8 to be not very good. For instance, I love Black Boned Angel, but the collab with nadja I thought was a bit on the dull side. And the 80s cover album I thought was horrendously awful, but others disagree, as I've seen some pretty raving reviews of it.
Thanks we're not worthy Lotsa Love
You might be interested in this, I'd never heard it until this morning:

It's a free release, has Mr. Baker in a Robert Fripp psychedelia sort of mode.
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