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Looping ADSR DIY Kit now Available!
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Author Looping ADSR DIY Kit now Available!
Our looping ADSR DIY kit is now available as a PCB, PCB+Panel, Full Kit, and Pre-Built option.
It's a really cool (and surprisingly simple) design we adapted from the wonderful Nicolas from the Electro Music Forums (with his permission of course).
Using only two analog ICs, and some clever diode switching, you get an ADSR or a variable waveshape Saw-Tri-Ramp LFO.

The panel was designed by Grayscale, uses no wiring, and, as with all of our modules, there is a full video how-to build guide.

More info here:  /

Happy Building!
It's peanut butter jelly time!
Noodle Twister
I've recently finished building one of these and the solder flow to the pads is exceptional. An absolute joy to build and it works great.
Thanks! I'm glad it was a fun build for you!
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