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Stuttering effect when using midi / midi feedback
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Author Stuttering effect when using midi / midi feedback
This is a very common issue for customers. I am posting this here as a reference. This question concerned a SH-1oh1 mod, but the answer applies to the ModyPoly and the Juno-66 as well.

Hi, I recently bought a 1oh1 kit an and it professionally installed. I
have an issue with MIDI in triggering a note multiple times. If I
control the 101 via MIDI with an external keyboard it is fine, but if
I send the MIDI via Logic it seems to trigger any note multiple times
giving a stuttering effect - sounds like an LFO or arp working on the
note. Have tried everything to fix it.

I record the data 'As played' but still get the problem. Any help
greatly appreciated.

Hi your DAW is creating a midi feedback loop by sending the received notes directly back to the output. Usually there is a setting in your DAW to prevent this.
In the case of Logic, a qick google search turns up this:
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