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Author Chorusss
Due to the fact that I will play a bit more live in the near future, I suddenly have a need to get myself some more outboard FX gear. Fist on my list is a chorus.
So I was wondering what ideas you all here have. I want to get an analog chorus in the 100-200 euro/dollar price range. Any thoughts about what I should go for?
How about the Malekko Chorus? It's nice.
i've tried the following:

roland ce-300
boss ce-2
roland sdd-320 dimension d
boss dc-2 dimension c
boss dc-3 digital space d
fromel seraph deluxe

if you're just looking for a nice guitar input chorus and are not worried about sending your modular/line level signals through it, then all the boss pedals and the roland ce-300 mentioned above will work great. out of all those, i feel the dc-2 has the nicest sound (but i'm real sucker for the "dimension" effect), but the ce-300 does the standard stereo chorus thing really well, and is very versatile. the ce-2 sounds great but is mono only (if that is a concern).

if you want a studio effect that works better with modular and line levels, then i'd go for the dimension d or the fromel, but they are not cheap. they are both dimension type effects and don't really do the standard syrupy chorus sound.

the ce-300 sounds pretty good, but works really badly with line level signals. i think there's a mod you can do to change the input level and impedance to work better with line level.

i only own feel the need to own one chorus now:

+1 on the Fromel, I have the Deluxe and the only mono/smaller Seraph and they are the wolf's balls for Dimension style Chorus. The slow/shallow modes just sit there and almost but not quite swirl, it's mesmerizing.
yeah i like to feed it a ridiculously low speed sine or triangle lfo from my modular, set the depth high and just kick back. wink
The Fromel does look tasty indeed. But its a bit to pricy for my tiny wallet.
I will use mostly the chorus to run my analog synths through it.
What about the Electro Harmonix analog pedals? They seem ok for the price...
onrust nv
The best chorus pedals I know of are:
Ibanez CS-505 (stereo and very nice sounding no noise no volume drop)
Tokai TCH-1 (nice and no volume drop)
small stone (hiss and volume drop but a nice sound I've got the green sovtek)
All maxon chorusses are great sounding
I just have sold my Red Twister pedal which sounds great. I prefer to work with modules otherwise I'd have keep it. ster/10/1
nano clone will get you there (or maybe close) with one knob. great for saving pedalboard space.
Illiac y-chorus.html
Illiac wrote: y-chorus.html

That sounds really nice...
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