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Sidrax problems/fault?
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Author Sidrax problems/fault?

Recently ordered a Sidrax. However there seems to be a strange problem with it.

When I press a bar I can hear the note played in the left speaker and when I release the bar I hear it in the right - all good so far.

However directly after releasing the bar there is a short pause and the note previouly played comes back up usually at a reduced volume on the left speaker and gradually fades away - but after releasing the bar I have not touched anything further -weird.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this - any solutions as it is getting very frustrating.

Also this behaviour seems to be kind of random and sometimes the Sid works as expected and other times not.

try adjusting the screws associated with the offending bar..the piezos are very sensitive so will pick up any movement in the bar until it settles back to rest.if the bar is still jiggling around it can manifest as unwanted sound/noise
I had the same problem with my old sidrassi. Had to change the piezo and removing the broken one was not easy. I would send it back to Peter and have him do it.
Thanks for the suggestions and much appreciated.

I tightened the screws on the bars but the instrument still behaves in the same way.

It is not one single bar that is causing the problem but they all seem to do it intermittently. Press the bar and release it - volume envelope behaves as expected but after you think the sound has stopped the volume then comes back up and dies away by itself.

Really strange and I previously had a Sidrazzi and it seemed to work just fine. I guess I will have to go back to Peter.

One of the bars in my Tetrax behaves similarly, but not at all times. The rest seem to act that way from time to time only. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the natural reaction of wood to being pressed. Perhaps the bars are too dry/moist? Haven't found the way to eliminate it entirely, but I pretty much know when it's possible it will happen – mostly with slow and heavy pressure.

Thanks Lukasz that is very helpful and interesting to hear that it is not just my Sid behaving in this way. Perhaps you are right and it is something to do with how dry the wood is. Given the time of year I have had the radiators on and maybe the artificial heat has dried the wood out so it is not flexing as it should.

I think I will give the bars a good coat of oil over the weekend the weekend and see if that improves matters before I contact Peter.

I don't remember where but I believe someone else was having a similar issue and it had to do with excess moisture
don't take my word though
I have the same sometimes, mostly after pressing hard on the bar, so you get that popping sound.
Thanks for the replies and reassuring to know it's not just my unit.

I have found that turning the heater down in the room has helped - so I guess it's something to do with the climate/moisture in the air. Also after playing for about 5 or 10 minutes the response of the bars seems to greatly improve and operate as you would expect.

I suppose that it is one of the draw backs when your synth is mostly comprised of wood.
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