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Model-12 as a phaser?
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Author Model-12 as a phaser?
I've only been able to try this in the digital domain, but I'm curious to know if it would work in an analogue context. Can someone with the appropriate modules try this out:

sound source -> mixer in 1
mixer out -> model-12 in
model-12 allpass out -> multiple jack 1
multiple jack 2 -> mixer in 2
multiple jack 3 -> vca
vca -> out

Careful with the level on mixer in 2 as it controls the feedback going into the filter.

My guess is that you can create a sweeping phaser by CVing the cutoff frequency.

I'm not sure about this but I don't think you will be able to get deep phaser sounds out of this setup since most phasers are made of multiple stages whereas I think the allpass is just a one-pole filter, instead of the normal 6 or 12-pole filters used in phasers. I'm curious to know how the bandwidth and q hi/lo switch affects this patch.
I tested it out. It works. I'd post sound samples, but my internet connection isn't cooperating right now. You don't get crazy deep phaser sweeps, but, in a pinch, it'd work. Better results in High Q mode. It helps to have an attenuator in between the modulator (LFO in my case) and the cutoff input.

Fun little experiment.
Yeah I was able to try it out on a friend's modular tonight and liked what I heard. I'd like to spend time experimenting with different ways of processing the signal that is fed back into the allpass filter. A simple but possibly interesting idea would be to put the feedback through a modulated filter or maybe a delay module with high feedback settings. Funny I never knew how phasers worked before and now there seem to be a lot of interesting ways of using them since this allows you to control how phase is shifted using CV...
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