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Greg Lake - RIP
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Author Greg Lake - RIP
Just heard that at the age of 69 Greg passed away. He was suffering from cancer and unfortunately lost the fight.
Sad news. RIP Greg.
Sad. Very few vocalists give me chills the way Lake did. He was/is timeless.
crawling wind
How many days left in this goddamn year?

Such an amazing voice!

crawling wind wrote:
How many days left in this goddamn year?

+1. Crappy year for losses in the music industry! waah

Rest in peace, Greg.
Terribly sad to learn this. RIP Greg.
That's a shame.
I really enjoyed his work with King Crimson.
"The Christmas we get we deserve." ~GL
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
Very sad news. Greg Lake had such a beautiful voice, and was a consummate musician on both bass and guitar.
Indeed. Keith Emerson was most responsible for the proggy weirdness that I love about ELP, but Lake consistently brought his A-game to the material and had an incredible and distinctive voice. He will be sorely missed.
So I guess the band is just called Palmer now.

As I said the other day in the Pauline Oliveros thread ... F*** you, 2016.
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
I would guess that Carl Palmer will be with us for quite some time to come. He is quite a bit younger than his bandmates (he's only 66) and looks to be in prime physical condition. In fact, he's buff A. F.
Wow… such sad news. Rest in peace, Greg.

I like Greg’s work with King Crimson, and ELP was one of my favorite rock bands from the early 70’s when I was a teenager. The first vinyl LP I bought was Pictures at an Exhibition. I got to see ELP in concert during their prime when they toured in support of the Brain Salad Surgery album release. What a fantastic show exclamation

I have a bit of an eerie story to tell. Around midnight Wednesday, or very early Thursday morning, for some strange reason I can’t explain, I decided to search MW for the thread about Keith Emerson’s death. I found a thread and while reading about that sad event, I put ELP’s Tarkus CD in the player for a listen. I went to bed feeling sad once again about Keith’s death, only to wake up and read here on MW that Greg had passed away… That is just weird…
crawling wind wrote:
How many days left in this goddamn year?

Such an amazing voice!


Hear, hear. For music this was a brutal year of passing.

I will play Lucky Man tonight.
sad banana sad banana sad banana sad banana

Greg's beautiful voice 98% isolated from the track Epitaph from King Crimson's first album.
^ One of my favorite albums. I recently got the live cd set 'Epitaph' from those early days. Like finding gold.
Finding out about this late. Terrible news. The KC work was seminal. ELP was great too and my first introduction to prog rock (some girl in 4th grade had the album and said it was great), but the first KC album. I probably listen to it once every other week.
And that leaves one , just palmer
Greg . you will be sorely missed RIP

Even after such a time, it is still so sad... But I have been enjoying playing his work with King Crimson and ELP...
umma gumma
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