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R-54 troubleshooting
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Author R-54 troubleshooting
Just got a used R-54. I plugged it in, and when I powered up my modular it made some poppin sounds and my modules with leds started blinking. I'm thinking this has to do with the "WARNING THIS MODULE USES 400mA FOR START UP!" thing with R-54. Before I fudge around with it and ruin something I thought i'd turn to the internet's wisdom.

My modular grid-

Im using Uzeus for power 1000ma at +12v, 500ma at -12v and 170ma at +5v.

according to the grid i'm using 402 mA +12V | 301 mA -12V | 35 mA 5V

I'm not sure its a power issue, maybe I just got it plugged in backwards or something? I don't want to break things! I appreciate any replies, excuse my ignorance. <3
Yes Powder
Yep, sounds like you're drawing way too much power from that little ┬ÁZeus.
That 400mA is being drawn from both the +12 and -12, which leaves you very little headroom on the negative rail- especially with other modules on the same power source.
Ghost_the_garden wrote:
Im using Uzeus for power 1000ma at +12v, 500ma at -12v and 170ma at +5v.

Not enough, sorry....Modular Grid is useless for calculating power consumption of tube modules. At issue is NOT the steady-state current, it's the cold startup current of the tube heaters, which is about 2 1/2 times the steady current after warmup, okay?
doepfer A100 diy kit works fine
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