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Studio monitors - what are you using
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Author Studio monitors - what are you using
I don't know where this should be on this site so general gear sound bout right in this context...

I used to do a lot of mixing and had some very nice focal twins. I sold them as is changed direction entirely and they where no longer what I wanted so I sold them and picked up a very cheap pair of monitors to get me by

Now it's time to get a decent pair - as in about a $1000 maximum for the pair...
There are a pair of sonnodyne sm 100aks locally for an OK price but I'm wondering what you guys look for a monitor or cabinet or whatever you use.....

So I used to look for ruler flat monitors and had a Sexy treated room. I have none of that so it's purely for enjoyment

I'll be using it with synths and drum machines - euro set up and elektron boxes basically.
I use Dynaudio BM6a MKII, the new models have switch mode PSU so I am keeping away from that.
JBL 4412s

KRK Rokit 8. Great for the price
Genelec 8030's, nice and compact with a good sound
As your room's untreated, if you can get a dealer to agree to let you buy a single monitor, could do that and then mix in mono (checking stereo on a decent pair of headphones). Doesn't quite fulfill the 'purely for enjoyment' brief, though would mean you could get a twice-as-good sound for your budget smile
Infinity Curve
auxren wrote:
KRK Rokit 8. Great for the price

Same here
Monkey Mouse
Adam A7 - had them for 10 years now.
Dynaudio BM5 MKII, which are in that $1000 price range (although, meanwhile, I've seen them even cheaper). They're not superb, but which monitors are? They're good enough for me. I even bought a second pair for quadro mixes.
Focal CMS65. I find them incredibly clear yet also very pleasant to listen to for long periods of just casual listening where you can hear great detail.
Adam F7. the budget Adam's
Have been using Event 20/20 bas monitors for years now (bought a demo pair), I'm used to how they sound and get decent mixes, but they are really too large for my spare bedroom studio, and no doubt there are more accurate choices these days. May upgrade in near future. Also using M-Audio BX5a for small near fields to ensure bass translates OK.

With your $1000 (for a pair I assume), I'd look at the Focal Alpha 65 ($800 pr), Alpha 80 ($1100 pr) or CMS40 ($850 pr) if you are in a small room. If you can bump the budget up to $1400 (use Sweetwater no interest 36 or 48 mo payment plans?), check out the Neumann KH120. Have not heard them, but reviews are very impressive. Safe to say Neumann knows something about transducers.

Could always add a subwoofer later if you get the 4.5 or 6.5" monitors and are in a large room with proper treatment, and want to push more low end volume/reproduce lower frequencies for some types of music (or to impress clients on occasion if that applies).
auxren wrote:
KRK Rokit 8. Great for the price

I don't have a lot of room, so I'm using the Rokit 5s

Though I also run through my 2-channel Hifi at times. B&W 684s
You're probably going to get almost as many different answers as there are monitors!

I've had some Genelec 8030s for probably 12 years or so. I honestly bought them because they got good reviews and they suited my needs in terms of size and frequency response. I didn't need something that went down to 30hz or anything like that. I'm really used to them now so I doubt I'd ever replace them with something else if the need arose.

I use some Meridian active speakers in my hifi (they're old 1980s ones) to check stuff on.
The Goob
I got a used pair of Neumann kh120s for less than $1k. I'm in an untreated room (plan to fix that at some point). I really like them
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
Behringer B2031 (Truth). As a circuit designer, I want to hear exactly what my circuits are doing, without any flattering bottom end or whatever.
JBL 4311's.

Focal Twins on my mixing desk, Genelec 1038s in the room.

KSDigital C5 Coax
concentrical drivers -> large sweet spot
Made in Germany.
Barefoot 35 gen2s.
Eve audio sc407
Roland ds7- vastly underrated, tons of inputs, and used are really cheap now
for a budget. The yamaha MSP series are rock solid, durable and quality. The 5 or 7's depending on your room size/desire to hear down low.

I'm not sure about a hi-fi pair for messing around on a modular, maybe you could easily damage them depending how careful you are.
I've got the tiny Focal CMS 40's. They seem to do fine in my untreated room with less than ideal positioning.

I just put on my trusty MDR-V6's when I want to analyze bass content.
Hi Dogma,

You don't say what size of room you intend using your monitors in, whether you want an active or passive design, or how loud they might need to go. I use active Equator D5's in a smallish room for near to mid-field monitoring at low to moderate sound levels. They are neutral and (being dual-concentric) a point source. They are also electronically matched at the factory via their onboard DSP, so the stereo image is incredibly stable.

In the USA I think D5's sell for around $450 new. Add the cost of a decent pair of loudspeaker stands and decent interconnects from your mixer or interface to that, and perhaps you could put the rest of your $1000 back in your wallet.

I have a soft spot for dual concentric designs. The first studio I ever did recording in had a pair of Tannoy 12" dual concentric drivers build into the back wall, powered by a pair of beefy Crown Amcron amps, and they sounded marvellous.
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