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Shbobo: Fish won't open files Ubuntu 16.04
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Author Shbobo: Fish won't open files Ubuntu 16.04
Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone else had had this problem and found a solution? Fish runs on my system. I can upload (serve) files (bouillabaisse) that I create with a blank new file. But when I try to open a file (my own or any of the examples) the filename is displayed on the title bar of Fish eg:

"Fish: neilYOUNG.txt" as if opened,

but the file "opened" in Fish is still a blank file.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
You should contact Peter, I had some issues running fish on ubuntu as well.

I know it has to be run as admin.
Thanks windspirit I probably should contact Peter. I'm running it with sudo but for some reason I can't open or save files but it will upload current files to the Shnth. Does seem like a permissions issue though I guess.
No word from Peter yet. I added the shnth.rules file to rules.d it didn't help. Not sure if it's made it worse; Fish is now crashing a lot.
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