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Looking for comments on this layout (300 Series)
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Author Looking for comments on this layout (300 Series)
Muff Wiggler
for only six modules, I've spent so much time trying to figure out what order to put them in. I'm sure I'll change once they get here and I start using them, but anyway, this is what I've come up with, wondering what you guys think and if you would arrange these same modules any differently (and why)

stitched this pic together from various Wiard photos I've seen online...

agree with the sequantizer and mixolator. i'd flip flop the envelator and woggle's position and leave the VCO and Borg alone too.
looks awesome to me. quite stunning actually, can't wait to see a real pic of a full rack like that. Guinness ftw!
eyehue wrote:
looks awesome to me. quite stunning actually, can't wait to see a real pic of a full rack like that. Guinness ftw!

i can't wait for muff to fly me out so i can fuck shit up in the dungeon lair.
Are you going to try to use it as a self-contained unit? Or patch like mad to your frac rig? Will you use the Bug as an audio source or CV source more often? How about the sequantizer, is it a waveshaper or a sequencer in your mind? Are you going to use the Envelator more as an env or more as an FM source in cycle mode? The Borg will fire off a trigger, of course, no envelope necessary for some patches. Do you think you will clock the Sequantizer most often from 1) the Bug LFO out, 2) the end out of one of the Envelator sections in cycle mode, or 3) the Borg LFO square wave?

You probably can't answer most of that until you've had it all a while. But those are the sorts of "module order" dilemas that the 300 will present you with. This is a FINE layout though; all these cable runs are short and a handful of 2' cables will do you just fine as long as you only have one row.
oh man those questions will fuck you up. what a great problem to have!
I say fuck it(or looks good to me hihi) . The system isn't very long, so you only really need one length of cable, and each module does every synth function known to man anyway, so why sweat over it? Like plord says, perhaps once you have used it for a while, you might prefer one setup over another.
Muff Wiggler
thanks guys - all good thoughts and much appreciated!

Kwote, I actually did think a lot about the same layout, but with the Woggle and the Envelators swapped.... ultimately I'm guessing i'll be riding the knobs of the Wogglebug a lot more, so for that reason it makes more sense to me to have it on the left

alternative layout was also same thing as the pic, but with Woggle and Sequantizer swapped.

Anyway, I *think* I know the answer to all of Paul's questions (although "lots of both" is the answer to most of them...), that's without having laid my hands on one of these yet. The fun part is going to be having my preconceptions taken away while i learn how i ACTUALLY will find myself using it

fuck, i just can't wait hyper

going Wiard crazy over here. COME ON DECEMBER Guinness ftw!
i feel the same way, it depends whether you are going to use on of the envelators as an oscillator or not, but DONT WISH YOUR LIFE AWAY, december will be here soon enough(and so will my system) and when you get it i am sure you will put it to use as you see fit.

if i had that module layout i would do this(from left to right)

seq, vco, filter, env, wog, mix

i am trying to decide how to lay my system out, which differs a little from yours and thats prettty close to wht i am going to do, so my opinion is subjective!!!
I asked Grant the reason why in the patch sheet on the site he had the modules in this order, Classic VCO, Seq, Envelator, Waveform City, Filter, Mixolator. He did explain, I think it's on the Yahoo list and it's probably in answer to a post by Mark Griffiths.

I set mine out in that way here with a wogglebug on it's lonesome.
I started out with my first rack the way the system is set up on the standard system example but I substituted a Woggle Bug and Borg for what is shown.

I'm still adding modules for second rack but I'm considering doing a reverse of the layout, with substitutes where I see fit. This allows be to have sources from either direction so nothing is ever out of reach.

I've used this back and forth set up before and it works well.
Muff Wiggler
hmm, looks like I'll have to rethink my layout.... I'm very very happy to say that I now also have an Omni Filter and a Waveform City on the way to me, lucked into these on the used market (thanks Dave!!!) which pretty much completes my Wiard system

@Muff: Any ETA on your order?
Muff Wiggler
Hopefully by the end of summer - I'm not counting on any date though, it'll be ready when fate allows, and that will be the right time for it to be ready! I don't want Grant to feel any pressure about my system.
How are you finding the Omni filter? I keep wavering on getting one but as the pound is now weak it won't be for a while and I'll probably go for the Boogie Hi/Lo pass (I already have the Borg filter).
Muff Wiggler
chamomileshark wrote:
How are you finding the Omni filter?

good question! I can say I'm really looking forward to it, wanted one for a LONG time.....

I just paid the guy for it today, so I assume it'll get in the mail shortly - sadly I will not be home again 'till April 18th cry so I'll have to try it out then and I will be sure to let you all know
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