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Comments on compact setup
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Author Comments on compact setup
Comments on this little Octatrack companion appreciated. Looking to do bass (cloud osc), drones and rhythmic noise. Still waiting on the enclosure but any comments on way to make this more efficient/flexible/fun ... without changing the whole lot? I guess I have chosen some pretty large modules from synth tech, but they are pretty flexible. Cheers and Merry X mas
since you have an expo vca you could replace the z4000's with a quadra, i'd be tempted to swap the pitts lpg for an lxd and possibly the 2x3 mixer for an intellijel unity mixer

how about a noise source? kinks for instance, you'd have 10hp spare if you changed the above modules
I know the Synth tech modules do a noise but I agree some analogue noise would be good and some s/h - random. There is a small Elby module (ED115) That'd be useful.

Also agree with the 2 x z4000 comment above. You'll also need some attenuation with all that Synth Tech stuff - ie maybe you need maths instead of the z4000's
Good suggestions! quadra (instead of z4000) Polaris (instead of lpg) lxd (as lpg/vca) and disting (various) to be added smile bye wallet. I think octatrack can lfo/s&h out on the remaining CC on midi3. For noise I think I can cover it with disting or patching something in from the octa. LXD would replace need for vca I would hope... I thought a small enclosure would limit purchases but you end up paying extra for compact modules :0 also for attenuation I'm using some attenuator cables. Don't want modules for that. Cheers
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