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Coco Delays in euro...A Christmas Wish
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Author Coco Delays in euro...A Christmas Wish
Greetings Ciat People. I traded my coco a while back to explore my workflow try a plumbutter and eventually delved into euro. (DONT EVER GET RID OF YOUR COCO)

With that said it will be a while before I buy another because of my current euro journey. So this Christmas I have a wish.

Santa; I want the coco delays in euro format please.
Ive been wondering for awhile whether peter would do this. Seems like a natural step.
I might be overlooking something really obvious (maybe the yellow output?) but my understanding is that there are plenty of similar looping delay modules out there with the same functions as the coco delays. Phonogene, Tyme Sefari, 4MS Dual Looping Delay, and even more granular stuff like Clouds. Full disclosure, I don't have any of these modules, so I can't really say if the "sound" compares to that of the coco, but they certainly serve similar functions. The 4MS dual looping delay would especially serve as a nice euro stand-in for the coco delays, since it's stereo/dual and appears to have all the same functions as the coco delays. If I had to guess, that would be why Peter hasn't made them in euro format; the niche is already filled and it's pretty clear that Peter is more interested in walking the path less trodden.
The closest thing really is the tyme safari because it is so gritty byt afaik the looping delay reverses the entire loop instead of reversing from the playback point in order to keep everything in time woth the overall loop. Also these loopers lack a "skip" function which acts sort of like a bookmark/ recall.

Finally I am by no means an "analog purist" but the fact that the cocos are based around a RAM chip gives it a very glitchy character when slowing down recorded audio. The closest thing that I can think of is a bucket brigade but not quite. Havent really found it anywhere else.
I'm wondering if there will be any more Ieaskul F. Mobenthey modules coming out for Eurorack.
I cant remember where but I heard some rumbings about a dogvoice? They seem to be relatively popular (on the more esoteric side of euro) so I dont know why he wouldnt develop more.
I love the cocos as they are, complemented by whether Mr Blasser has decided to pair them with Quantussy, sidrassi and stuber!
oh boy I sure hope the new stuber still comes out in the new DDD format (fryall and srine oval synth style)
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