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Your favorite DI for Recording Bass
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Author Your favorite DI for Recording Bass
Gringo Starr
Bass as in four string. smile

Anyone here use the Reddi, Sonic Farms 2di4, or the Neve Box? Any favorites?
Eclair Evil Twin tube direct box
That's the secret weapon.
Tago Mago
The Tech21 VT bass is awesome for the price.
I sold my Avalon U5 when I got it.
Though I never used it with an amp, only recording to DAW.
I've been using the Demeter tube DI for years. Solid as a rock and always sounds great. I use to mic my cab as well but found I was mainly using the di when it came to mixing. Lately I've been skipping the amp and just going direct.
I have two Tech21 sans amp DIs (no foot switch or external pots). Like them quite a bit.

Also my focusrite ISA one.

When I am lazy I plug straight into the RME Babyface. All are nice
Phil Jones P-1

clean sound, transparent compressor, tons of EQ, crossover on the back...
very full featured
Direct in my old API 312, best DI bass sound I've ever get and tried a lot of expensive DI!
Radial JDI if I am trying to capture the raw sound of the bass.
Warren Huart of the Youtube channel Produce Like A Pro and a lot of the sound engineers and pro bass players he interviews have raved about the BAE products as bass DIs.

It's an informative youtube channel in general if you haven't checked it out yet.

I'm pretty happy going into my Universal Audio 610 pre.
The OSA MP1-L3 "Big Daddy" does something special with bass. I would really like to know exactly what it is...
hi-z input on Great River me1-NV. sometimes i add Littlelabs Redeye3d in front for some passive instruments.

used to have a pair of black WSW pre/eq from late 60s, hairy tone that stood wonderfully in the mix, limited but phenomenal sounding eq. several bass players asked me wtf is that, that they never had such a great tone. unfortunately at time when business was slow i got an obscene offer for them. should have kept one, stupid.

intrigued by Reddi, for bass, for rhodes and synths alike. i wonder if they are capable of subtle saturation/thickening i.e. dirt that retains inteligibility of notes within a chord, and otoh how do they sound when really pushed ?
Golden Age Preq-73 for full-scale Neve-ness.
Michael O.
I almost always go for passive DI's I made (generally one with Triad a A-12j, sometimes UTC alternatives for a different sound, sometimes more esoteric transormers or circuits) directly into the Trident console or Altec preamps. The clients and I are always happy with the sound, and it requires very little processing to work perfectly in a mix.
We pulled a DI out of my amp (GK MB800), post EQ, while recording the in-progress album of the band that I'm in. I've used a SansAmp BassDriver DI as well.

I use an Ernie Ball Music Man with a bunch of pedals and the signal is insanely hot, so YMMV with more sensible bass pickups.
ua solo 610..check
I used a Countryman for years and never had a problem with it:
The RNDI sounds spectacular and works very well on passive bass. Probably the best DI box i've heard.
REDDI SlayerBadger!
I've used a Catlinbread SFT and Mesa/Boogie Bottlerocket as a preamp and a ProCo DI for a long time. Sounds good to my ears.
runoffgroove ginger for that sweet tone SlayerBadger!
The expensive tube DIs are a different world than "normal" DIs. I used a REDDI for some years, they're amazing. They have a really forward sound, due to a mid hump in the frequency response, and they offer a tube, gooey, 3D thing that very few DIs can compete with.

One that does compete, that I've switched to as my main DI is the Noble Amplification box. It's a DI and a tube EQ, and a power supply for your pedals rolled into one. Quite a magic box - not as forward as the REDDI, more juicy.

Same league, different flavours.
Tech21 bass it.
+1 for the SansAmp/Tech21 Bass driver DI, it just does a great job, and has a relatively wide range of tweakability for it's price.

The other thing I use is my old Alembic F-2B preamp, it uses 12AX7s & is based on the Fender Dual Showman, it's good with either guitar or bass, and definitely worth snapping up if you ever see a cheap one. Mine's from the 70's and just needed new tubes to resurrect after I bought as 'untested/bust'.
Have had a Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI for years, though I do find it has a lot of hiss. It's mostly retired now.
My favorite passive is one I built from diyrecordingequipment. My basses are active, so it gives a little extra growl.
Favorite active (used less than the passive) is a Pre73 mkII.
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