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Mutable/Make Noise
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Author Mutable/Make Noise
Hi there, hope you are all well? I wondered if anyone is using Clouds/Phonogene/Elements/Erbe Verb in video synthesis. I'm just about to take the plunge into video synthesis and wondered if anyone had some examples of using these modules for processing video? Thanks for any help, cheers M
I'm using Clouds to process audio alongside (mainly) LZX modules to process video. I don't use it to process video, but I find some audio modules effective as video FSU tools. Clouds can work as an additional modulation oscillator, but it won't work at video rates. The granular features make it more interesting, of course, but I've just not used it enough for video to really comment.
hi there, thanks for getting back to me. I am looking to play video through it, same as phono gene, just interested to know what kind of effects it might conjure up. Also wondered what playing a video signal through a reverb is like? Cheers M
Clouds doesnt really produce any interesting results but some audio modules can work well.

I was in CTRLMOD last year chatting about LZX stuff and they showed me the Bubblesound SeM20 Quad filter and the amazing things it can do with video. I bought it straight away. Filters work well and ive also had lots of use out of the Intellijel Dixie 2+

Another obvious one is Maths which i believe you can contact Make Noise and order video a LZX compatible version. I just use my normal maths with a attenuator. I got some cool glitch stuff from the Make Noise Mysteron as well.

I guess its worth playing with any audio modules you have and seeing what works.
lots of info on this in the forum already but the vast majority of audio equipment does not have high enough bandwidth to process video signals with a normal level of detail. some stuff can still produce pretty cool results though, it just ends up looking very blurry/soft/coarse, which may or may not be interesting depending on what you're doing. i've gotten cool effects out of the uFold and Doepfer A-136 (though nowhere near as cool as the clips someone else posted with it on here).

at minimum you need either a Visual Cortex or discontinued Sync Gen + Encoder, or Cadet Sync Gen + Encoder in order to make display compatible video signals, using audio modules or otherwise.
Also, Maths has continuous attenuverters on every channel, so no need for the 1V mod - that's used for the stored voltages of the Pressure Points (and I would assume Analog Memory).
My buddy brought his LZX gear over and we tried running it through a lot of my audio modules and fx stuff. The Instant Lofi Junky made a kind of neat little white noise band. Other modules really didn't do much at all. Distortions and such seemed to "do something" but just having it "do something" is not always enough to make cool art out of Dead Banana
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