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SIMPLE IDEA: Dj scratching a modular in real time can work!!
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Author SIMPLE IDEA: Dj scratching a modular in real time can work!!
@mods sorry for the multiple posts about this. I just found the live sub-forum and I believe this pertains to all forums posted in. If not, sorry! I will delete!

I just thought of this the other day and think it would basically be the coolest thing ever.

Timecode Vinyl just puts out a slightly modulating tone (to be converted digitally) but what if we had specific CV vinyl that stayed at a constant CV pitch voltage running into a pitch follower?

You could essentially hook it into your modular and analogously scratch anything on your modular rig! including full songs, clips, and samples (as long as you had a good modular sampler).

Plus, you could even use it for a tuner for your osc's if you knew what frequency your record player played back the tone at 33 and 45RPM's!

Add some fader's and you could literally scratch any sound or modulate anything in real time with your old Technic's!!! Would never need a computer again live.

PLEASE MAKE THIS! - if you make it you; you get the million dollar idea thumbs up

Just got really excited about this idea and someone is bound to come up with sooner or later (maybe already have?). Surprised Rane doesn't have something so simple already.

Does anyone at least have a vinyl press? lol...
Omg that's awesome. Thanks for the link.
I don't see why you would use a digital cdj though, just creates another unnecessary D/A conversion Dead Banana

I'm looking to do classic scratch routines on my modular sounds over a modular beat since scratching is just pitchbending, and volume cuts:) I just can't stop thinking about the possibility's...

Once again, Vinyl cutter anyone?
That's a great idea.

You could have different discs I guess as well.or even tracks on the same record. A track with some CV, then some with a clock pulse so you can beat match modular with other records etc.

Another idea might be to record some CV to computer as audio and play it back via Traktor Scratch and an appropriate soundcard

Very cool possibilities here....
Mr. O
I hope this helps.

I had a similar idea, awhile ago, about how one would scratch a synth.

I'm currently using a LS1lightstrip through the SISM: Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler and into the Vari-speed control on the Morphagene. Depending on the amount of attenuation, it produces an almost identical sound to scratching a vinyl but its more like scratching a cassette player.

Also I recommend looking into synthtablism
This can be used as well:
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