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Moog ladder in PAiA 4700 format
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Author Moog ladder in PAiA 4700 format


I just finished building a Moog ladder filter in a PAiA 4700 format with appropriate signal levels. I used the new FPE print-on-aluminum and the panels come out very close to original. They are anodized so have a matte finish instead of glossy. I used the YUSynth PCB since it fit perfectly behind a 2-wide panel. I also found some great knobs that look almost identical to the original 4700 knobs - details are on my PAiA 4700 Modular Synthesizer Rebuild page.

Details of the Moog Ladder filter are on my PAiA Moog Ladder VCF Module page.



i find this awesome and a little hilarious! i've done 2 rebuilds of 2700/4700 systems and have another half-finished and languishing... so quirky and fun. Grant Richter was just singing John Simonton's praises the other day.

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