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Problem with Juno KEY TRANSPOSE button
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Author Problem with Juno KEY TRANSPOSE button
Hi Tobias,
First of all, happy new year w00t and bravo for all the great work on this upgrade, my juno is very proud nanners !

A few days after christmas installation, I am starting to get strange led behaviours when I hit the key transpose button that acts as a "function" key for activating play mods and other options on the juno66.

Although the red led should stay on when pressed, it is not. Instead I get a slight loss of lighting on all three waveforms button leds hmmm.....

It only happened after a few days after the juno was upgraded. Everything works fine but this led not working properly puzzles me... I know its only ergonomics but, hey, it helps a lot !

Do you have any idea to correct this problem ? Is it a false contact somewhere while installing the upgrade ?

Many thanks !
this is a common problem with Junos. After 30 years a mechanical stress on the panel boards, traces and/or solder joints break. This often leads to the behaviour you are describing. You can fix the traces by soldering a wire in its place.
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