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Tektronix 475A Opinions
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Author Tektronix 475A Opinions


Hi there folks still seeking out the right solution for Rutt-Etra/Vector Rescanning, anyone have experience or examples of this scope in video action? have found one in the UK thank goodness! Thanks for your time M


I used a Tektronix 475 in the below video. Not sure what the difference between the 475 and 475A is though.

TBH, for vector rescanning, I'd go with a Tektronix 608, 620, Leader LBO-51MA, or any other X-Y vector display over an oscilliscope with Z input. Many scopes, including the 475 don't have a removeable graticule and I find that the lines are a lot finer and more accurate on the XY displays. Unless you're cool with the graticule and smudgey, thicker lines.

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