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The 2017 Show Us Your DIY Builds Thread
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Author The 2017 Show Us Your DIY Builds Thread
Sorry, forgot to make a new one of these! Who will go first?
Finished the DU-RDT a couple of days ago. It is a very straightforward build and sits right next to the O+C that you made for me.

I swapped out all but one color of LEDs.

Finished my Yammie style Fritz box earlier in january.

This is the Pseudo-Analog-OPLish-FM-PM-Thingy panel I've been working on. I'm just debugging a small item on the VCOs which are the final prototypes. The panel and design work was done last year, but now everything is wired up and 95% functioning the way I want it to.

Panel pic from before:

What a pair of knobs! hihi
jules wrote:
What a pair of knobs! hihi

I like big knobs and I cannot lie!
All you other brothers can't deny!
screaming goo yo
lol I don't even know how often one would want to actually manually adjust the phase control, but I definitely thought I should use a couple of those somewhere.

Just noticed Starspawn has a similar pair, and nearly identical layout as well. Go knobs!!! This is fun!
Starspawn wrote:
Finished my Yammie style Fritz box earlier in january.

Looks like we had similar ideas in mind. w00t YM style sounds!

My VCOs aren't TZ, but with the PM, they sound pretty YMy/OPLy...
Don T
J3RK wrote:

Panel pic from before:

Dustin, you make the coolest damn panels!! we're not worthy
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
Don T wrote:
Dustin, you make the coolest damn panels!! we're not worthy

Yeah, that is really beautiful. (Jealous.)
J3RK, you are in Seattle? Do you have a local shop do the panels? If so can you share a bit about the process? I've been doing my own, but I don't really have a so space so it's a bit of a hack. Would love to hear about other local options.
Yes, (actually just outside Seattle, but close enough hihi ) I use Front Panel Express. They're actually down in Georgetown right off of I-5. I just tried their printed panels (as opposed to engraving). They look really good, and save quite a bit of money over engraving. I still prefer engraving slightly, but will probably reserve that for "special" projects and just use printing for most things.

If you're not familiar, their software is free. I just use that. You can import images now, and for engraving you can import HPGL objects, but I just use the tools in the software. It's a bit limited in some ways, but I've learned to work around some of that.

I typically go with 3mm thickness for 4U and 5U panels. They do really good work. There are some other local shops, but it's been years since I've been to any. I worked on a project with someone else, and we got milling done at one place, anodizing done at another, screen printing at yet another, etc. FPE does everything in one place. If you were going for a large order it would probably be better to use someone else, but for small batches or one-offs, FPE is likely the best.

@Don and the Dr. thank you!!
I use Front Panel Express. They're actually down in Georgetown right off of I-5.

Wait, FPE is in Georgetown? holy crap. I just started laying things out in their software last week based on other recommendations here. I had no clue they were 5 miles form my house. That is fantastic. Thank you.
No problem! I work in West Seattle, and live in Renton, so I drive right past on my way home. I just order a panel, and pick it up there on my way home from work when it's ready. Very handy. thumbs up
Hi, I'm new in these parts, but I made a thing, I guess it belongs here maybe?

The camera flash made the paint look horrible ):

MIDI-controlled CV quantizer with MIDI out...

- Dual CV in/out
- Hold down a chord/scale via MIDI and it will quantize to those notes.
- Send MIDI out back to your daw to record the quanizations.
- Gate input to control the quantization and midi output.
- can convert CV/Gate to midi in semitone resolution mode
- MIDI to clock output with Voltage controlled Clock divisions.
- voltage controlled quantization resolution (hold, midi quantize, semitone, thru) thru is just no quantization at all.
- voltage controlled midi note out velocity
- midi to CV/Gate converter mode: with mono mode (TB-303 mode with outputs for slide and accent, last then top note priority; CV 2 output for mod wheel, bend range set by middle knob, or CV if you wish...
Also, a Duophonic mode which is top and bottom note priority, I cooked this up to behave like my Moog Sub-37. In this mode, CV1, CV2, and Gate inputs operate in semitone quantization mode and output MIDI to act as a cv-midi converter.

Here it is with the ugly temporary mockup panel, lol... midi connectors are totally going on the bottom in the next one!

quick test jam - using an PGH sequencer and S&H as inputs. Both of which are clocked by the midi clock output. Using the offset knob of an annenuverter to do a little solo.

at least i finished my first rusry motmĀ“s
efm-7 wrote:
MIDI-controlled CV quantizer with MIDI out...

That thing is bad-ass!
Seventh Sin
... there was nothing, but I started fairly small, core part is a 0-Coast and just today I build my first "case", I actually used the box it was delivered in and a single module (so far)

Cheers Seventh Sin

That's an excellent use of a cardboard box!
All about the effects recently... graphics via waterslide decal paper and clear coat paint.

Just stumbled upon a laser cutter and so I did this plexi version of the bitboard, then populated the breadboard with some components found on my table.

bad pic, but you get it wink

My first finished build of 2017! There is a control PCB behind that panel also....

I built a simple fuzz circuit using a double diode tube. Needs a lot of current, but I love the sound.
Just finished an MFOS 16-Step Sequencer with an FSFX panel

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