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Cadet I Sync Generator + CVE
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Author Cadet I Sync Generator + CVE
Hello Wigglers,

I know next to nothing about video synthesis but have purchased my first module(CVE). From what I understand, I need to feed this module a sync singal using the 14 pin connector on the rear. If that is correct, is the Cadet I capable/compatible with the CVE? Would this setup work for a starting point?


yes you need a sync gen but you will need something to feed the cve unless you just are looking for solid fields of colour. you may want the cadet video input if you want to use a camera/video feed or get a cadet vco for some h/v bars.
yes a cadet sync gen will work.

as for what to do with them you can stick audio signals into the cve and get a lot out of it, and even rgb video signals without an input module, though the brightness won't be as stable as it would with proper conditioning.

so just get a sync gen and start sticking whatever in the cve as long as it's safely within eurorack voltage levels. then you can decide how to expand it.
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