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Why are all FH-1 triggers outputting as flams?
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Author Why are all FH-1 triggers outputting as flams?
Hey Os,

I started working with the triggers on my FH-1 / FHX-1 and they're all outputting flams. That is, instead of a single event, there are two events very close to one another.

The simplest way to hear this is to monitor the sound of one of the outputs (attenuated).

Here is a clip:


Any idea what is causing this?

The steps I took to create this example:

1. Ableton Live MIDI note sent to Ch 16, which I have mapped to output 8 on FHX-1

2. Trigger channels configured as per this thread

3. Going MIDI out from interface into a MIDI>USB cable, into FH-1.

Attached is a .zip of my script and .hex image.

Thanks again for all the help, Os.
What do you get if you use a Gate instead of a Trigger on those same tracks?
As always, thanks, Os.

When I switch to gates, I get a click on the note on and a click on the note off. If I lengthen the notes being output, it's obvious that the clicks are happening at the note on and note off. So that explains what's happening with the triggers, both the note on and note off is being output.


It's configured like this (used the gates column instead of the triggers column):

Is the solution to tell the FH-1 to ignore note-offs for triggers, or is something else going on?
Most likely whatever you're triggering is responding to the falling edge of the gate, for some reason.

How do you have the FH-1 jumpers configured? If the default (±10v), try 0-5V or 0-10V instead.
The jumpers were all in factory position (down) making the outputs +/- 10V. I tried changing the jumpers both to jumper up (0-10V) and no jumper (0-5V) and I'm getting the same double-hit flam behavior on all three jumper settings regardless of whether its outputting gates or triggers.

This is both when I monitor the output directly (listening to the output as audio) and when I use the output to trigger a Function that is shaping a Veils VCA channel.
Listening to the output as audio will always sound like a click at gate on & off.

There seems to be something about Maths/Function that means it loves to double trigger. This comes up all the time. Do you have an attenuator? I wonder how it would behave with an attenuated 0-5V trigger.
Strangely enough, running a 0-5V trigger through a channel of Shades with no attenuation fixes it—and that's the knob at full (no attenuation). Same goes for the ±10V signal, works the same.

Would that mean that there's something else going on (electrically speaking) that might be able to be tweaked in the FH-1 so that it plays nicely with Maths/Function? You know, it's just not ideal to dedicate an attenuator for the job.

Thanks again, Os.
Rockin' Banana!
How odd. Perhaps we should ask MakeNoise.

This might sound crazy but have you tried a really really long patch cable between the FH-1 and Function?
I have the same issue with my Function.
Odd, indeed.

A 6 ft cable made no difference, but I was able to alleviate it by plugging in and out of one of the channels of an Intellijel OR (which is used less often than my atten/offset modules).

I had thought that maybe it had something to do with the pulse width of the trigger, that perhaps Function/Maths works best with very short triggers and that what the FH-1 produces might be too long.

Os, what is the ms measurement of the trigger pulse the FH-1 uses? I can use that info (and any other pertinent info you might have) to reach out to Devin at Make Noise to see if we can figure it out.

And auxren, thanks for chiming in. The more heads, the merrier.
The behaviour with gates indicates that there would be a problem at any trigger length - the Function is clearly triggering on a negative edge in some situations.

Unless of course that's its documented function? I don't know, I've never used one.
I figured it out. Function retriggers when the voltage drops to -5V. It requires a 0-5V signal to work properly.

I had the FHX-1 at default jumper settings and when I had previously tested the jumpers on the FH's, I had only been listening to them (not realizing that listening to the output as audio will always sound like a click at gate on & off). In other words, because I didn't know it would make a difference, I hadn't even tested the 0-5V jumper setting with Function.

So my personal solution is to remove the jumpers from any FH-1/FHX-1 channels that are dedicated to triggers/gates. That's easy for me since I'm using FH-1/FHX-1 in a fixed way. I'm not using the default approach to having the outputs change as different information comes in. I'm essentially hard-wiring each output to a particular MIDI channel and note/cc.

For what it's worth, before solving the puzzle I had compared gates/triggers from various sources being fed into Function. I understand that if I owned a multimeter, I could just measure these modules.

• Gates from FH-1 (with ±10V jumper) – retrigger on negative edge
• Gates from FH-1 (with 0-10V jumper) – literally just sounds like a click
• Gates from FH-1 (with 0-5V jumper) – no retrigger
• Gates from Yarns – no retrigger
• Gates from Disting mk3 (Bank 1-c, Preset 3-b Clockable Gate) – no retrigger
• Square LFO from Batumi – no retrigger
• R-Pulse out of Ultra Random Analog – no retrigger
• Trigger from Tempi – no retrigger
• Square or exponential attack of LFO from Just Friends – no retrigger*

*If the attack is too slow, it won't trigger at all. That is, when adjusting the CURVE parameter on Just Friends in cycle mode.

Presumably, all the other modules are in the 0-5V (or possibly 0-8V range).

Os, thanks for your patience in keeping this thread going long enough for the solution to emerge.

Guinness ftw!
I guess I partied too soon. d'oh!

Today the 0-5V output is causing the flams. I swear it was not doing that last night. I'm going to give this one time and see what remains consistent before reporting back. I'm not in a rush on this one since I can still just fix it by running through the OR before into Function.
I'm having the same issue, running from the FH-1 into either Maths or Function. I ran the FH-1 gate out into my O'tool and rather than 0-5v it produces a slight negative voltage when the key is released. As with the solution above, if you run this via an attenuator with offset it stops. The question I have is how do you adjust the FH-1 output voltage for gates so that it is exactly 0 volts at key off?

There's no adjustment for that currently - I'll note that as a to-do.

You could try a different output on the FH-1 - there could be slight differences.
I tried running from both channel 9 and 10 and both sets of gate outs have the same issue. Also for what it's worth, when I use channel pressure, releasing slightly then stops the gate output. Not sure if this is related?

Thought I'd add since I just discovered this issue ... in my case it's an FH-1 into the gate IN on the MakeNoise 0-Coast.

Same behavior as noted previously - I get a double attack on the 0-Coast. If I observe the gate out on a scope (Mordax Data) it looks like the gate out on the FH-1 is putting out -4V at rest. Activating the gate seems to send +6V.

So - I guess as noted previously ... it seems the MakeNoise stuff reacts to falling edge ... but seems like only if it goes negative? I used a QuNexus as a test controller ... when running straight CV from the QuNexus the 0-Coast is fine ... if I put the QuNexus (or any other controller) through the FH-1 I see the problem appear.

I'm able to work around it by running the gate through an offset, adding 4V. With the offset inserted before the MakeNoise stuff it works perfectly.
It seems that these MakeNoise units have a general problem in the design of their gate inputs.

Have you tried changing the FH-1 jumper so the output is 0-5V?
os wrote:
Have you tried changing the FH-1 jumper so the output is 0-5V?

BRILLIANT! I didn't put two and two together ... yes ... that seems to have done the trick.

I removed the jumper from channel 2 and left it on channel 1. With Ableton Push2 connected to the USB port I got 1V/octave out of channel 1 and positive only gates on channel 2.

I'm still seeing the occasional odd trigger on note OFF ... which is weird to me ... but probably on the MakeNoise side of things as you've noted.
Hey guys, just discovered this thread as i have the same issue with my maths. Did anyone discover a way to manipulate the FH1 to work properly with maths? changing the jumpers doesn't fix the problem but yes the attenuator is a good work around.
As far as I can tell, what is needed is for the FH1 to put out 0 volts at rest. I did ask if this was possible a while back but it might have been forgotten.

Yes I see that it was on the "to do list". Lets hope that it's close to the top!
This is definitely an issue I've experienced when triggering Make Noise modules from ES hardware.

I've spoken with Make Noise technical regarding the issue and they suggested buffering gate signals, which works as some have discovered. E.g. patching a gate through the 0-Coast's maths section, or a buffered mult. It's not an ideal solution, but relatively painless.

When generating gate signals from Silent Way Voice Controller (through hardware such as the ES-3), the issue can be solved by reducing the "Gate On" value to at least 0.6 (default is 1).
goldie wrote:
When generating gate signals from Silent Way Voice Controller (through hardware such as the ES-3), the issue can be solved by reducing the "Gate On" value to at least 0.6 (default is 1).

isn't there a way to reduce the gate on value of the FH-1 witout the use of the silent way software???
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