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Feedback - What could we be doing better?
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Author Feedback - What could we be doing better?
Just that....

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Some ideas:

- Collaboration with Mutable Instruments. I especially would like an MU Peaks
- Some attenuator/mixer tool module like the Mutable Instruments Shades or Intellijel Triatt (Eurorack) in MU
- A simple VC switch like the Doepfer A-151 in MU, could be a dual unit with normalisations
- Triangle core oscillator, maybe a collaboration with Intellijel or Dixon (original designer, don't know who has which rights for that) for the Dixie II+ circuit
I picked up the steiner filter, the double deka, and the octal VCA a few months ago and I've been playing with them. I've used the octal vca the most by far. It is great.

When I interact with a module in the synth I have a problem I am trying to solve, and I need to apply a module to the problem. Then the module becomes unavailable to use for future problems because it's now my interface for performing the other task. It's used up. So if I use a signal processor, I now have one less signal processor available. The octal VCA doesn't behave that way. I can keep coming back to it several times and it keeps solving problems. And I don't feel guilty for using it to do something simple like gate an LFO when a switch would suffice, because it has plenty of capacity. It is sweet as hell.

I am also a big fan of the built in mixers on the double deka and the steiner filter thumbs up

and the steiner filter is nice and thin
oh yeah I use your delay too

a longer delay module would be nice, I don't know of any other good 5u delays besides the modcan one. A long-ish delay that can handle DC CV signals would be super cool. I don't know how popular such a thing would be, but I've been jonesing for one.
Any chance of new 5U O'Tool Plus to replace the discontinued 1900 (now that the small/euro Plus is out)?

Thanks, Chris
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