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Behringer pedals???
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Author Behringer pedals???
It looks they make clones of some existing pedals (Line-6 Echo Park, Verbzilla) and some discontinued Boss Pedals (DF-2 and RV-3?) among others. Should I bother buying them or will they be total junk?
they're both junky and awesome at the same time, they are cheap plastic, and will break soon, but in the price range of a disposable effect. Some are a little noisy and some are super cool, i have quite a few....i use none of them though
you should steal...i mean borrow some of their designs and make them durable and less noisy.
i wouldn't piss on them with someone else's dick


i am proud to say i have never ever bought any behringer gear!
i figured that would be the general opinion. does anyone have good experience with any of their gear?
johnnymad wrote:
you should steal...i mean borrow some of their designs and make them durable and less noisy.

I don't think they have many, any of "their" designs. The Boss Dim C clone is nice for that price, and as cheap clones go the DanElectro French Toast is cool. I assume the line 6 looking clones are just B's shitty algorithms named like line 6.
I have a really hard time with this company since they are such unscrupulous bastards. I worked on a lawsuit (which they lost) against them. The levels to which they will sink is appalling.

I can't suggest supporting this company with your $$. Not EVERYTHING is stolen, but they do steal. The products that sound good and perform well tend to be the 'clones'.
just try not to buy shit made in china.
I have bought the clones of the old discontinued Boss pedals from the 70's or 80's. I have no problem buying those old discontinued designs from them. I do see a problem with buying something cloned that still is produced by the original manufacturer.

I have the Space Chorus (Boss Dimension C) pedal and it is close to dead on. The Hi Band Flanger is very nice too (especially for the cost). Nice resonant high side sweeps. I use the Spectrum some on Casio samples for isolation of tone and have the Slow Gear clone (most pronounced on e-bass, so far).

The Slow Gear works as advertised, but I fail to see how the original now gets $500 USD if this is what it does. Same w/ the Spectrum. I have never used an original Spectrum or Slow Gear.

The Dimension C and Hi Band clones are unique and fully worth the dough. The other two are surely worth the money too... they are just a little more subtle (Slow Gear) or common (Spectrum) for usage.

I have not tried these with guitars, just Casios, synths and electric bass. I plan on buying back-ups for the Dimension C and Hi Band Flanger.

p.s. Kent - totally agree 100%
and thetwlo... yeah, good luck with the new China syndrome... I hear you though...
not sure what all the hate is on this forum for behringer products. my experience with them have been the contrary. i've owned two patchbays that have worked just fine, they're patchbays and they do what they're designed to do.

i also own a cable tester which works great when building cables for the modular. and i've converted two of their DD400 digital delay pedals into 5U as recommended by dana countryman. they were b-stock at AMS for $17! and it was the best $17 bucks i've spent on a pretty good delay.

i use both of them all the time and i never use my SOS (hides). not into digital grunge, i like my delays relatively clean. also have a EH deluxe memoryman which, again in my opinion is dark and pretty grungy (not in a good way).

we'll, you asked for a good experience and i have to objectively say you can't go wrong for $17 bucks. yeah, the case is really cheap plastic, and the weight of the pedal is all in this shitty metal plate strapped to the bottom. the kind of metal they make lead sinkers out of.

I have almost all the behringer pedals. Good ones include the analog delay modeling pedal, the and the digital delay. The reverb is not so hot. The noise reduction pedal tends to clip. Their phaser clone is not bad, not super deep but definitely a nice sound. The distortions suck.

Btw, Behringer's SNR2000 is one of the best products of its kind ever made, and you will find them in nice studio's everywhere.
thetwlo wrote:
just try not to buy shit made in china.

Yeah? How's that working out for you? Because I imagine you must have very little that wasn't either made in China or has components made in China. Tell me who makes a synth with no components sourced from China?
johnnymad wrote:
i figured that would be the general opinion. does anyone have good experience with any of their gear?

I have one of the original silver-face composer compressors (the one before the "composer pro") it's a prefectly decent and servicable compressor. I bought an aphex expressor after reading some gearslutz thread where people were dissing on behringer and suggesting other gear which was supposedly cheap and better - I got better recordings of my acoustic guitar using the behringer.

I also bought an ADA8000 when I first put together my music computer - it's an 8ch ad/da convertor. It's pretty good, I bought an Apogee mini-me from VEMIA about 18 months later and did a/b tests, the Apogee is better, but not by much.

I have a few other of their pieces, generally older ones, the only one that sucks is the little valve mic pre, I read people saying this is OK sometimes, but the tone I get out of it when recording with a mic is not likeable.

I wouldn't buy any odf their gear now, partly because I can afford better now, but also because of the rip-off thing. I can understand the hate because of that, but otherwise I don't get it. It's obv not pro gear, but every behringer piece I've had is shitloads better than budget audio gear I bought in the eighties when I was starting off. I mean, ridiculously better.

I'm not interested in the pedals, I got enough pedals already.
thetwlo wrote:
just try not to buy shit made in china.

One of the last things I bought - a Eventide time factor IIRC is made in China. It is not shit!
ive got some of their pedals as well - the reverb well and truly sucks, but the others i have are quite a bit of value!
I have a bunch of their delays and, although they're quite noisy, once they're EQd and set to not be too hummy, they're quite fun.

Don't bother with their phasers if you were interested - they're awful.
Just me
The only things B in my house are Ultra Direct boxes. I picked up 5 new ones at a music store auction for $30. I really have a problem with a company based on theft. (And why I won't 'buy' anything Microsoft!)
i have:
flanger machine fl600. great box. full range sound, no noise, loads of possibilities. probably not even a clone but the exact same innards from the same chinese factory that makes the line6 box. and who cares? line6 didn't invent the flanger ....
echo machine em600. ditto. i actually own two of the line6 versions as well. same thing ....
reverb machine rv600. just got one for my euro modular rack. works fine. not the best reverb you can buy but for the size and price it is.

plastic casing is prob not going to last if you jump on it. so don't jump on it. the line6 casing is much stronger but the potmeter shafts are plastic as well so they are going to break. great. that really helps seriously, i just don't get it

the automobile was developed in germany (by carl benz). am i complaining that americans make cars? no.
the taperecorder was developed in europe (valdemar poulsen, fritz pfleumer, aeg) and the first ampex tapemachine was a direct copy of a german machine stolen by american soldiers at the end of ww2. am i complaining? no.
the condenser mic was invented in germany (by georg neumann). am i complaining americans make condenser mics? no.
the rechargeble nicad battery was developed in germany (again by georg neumann). am i ...... etc etc ....

get over it and make some great music!
onrust nv
I think the pedals are great when you use it with a mixconsole of behringer. and make no input noise. it's not a great loss when you blow something to smitherines.
onrust nv wrote:
make no input noise ..... when you blow something to smitherines.

did you?
onrust nv
Yaeh, my ultra tremolo died on me in the no-input session. There was a burning smell when it occured. Dead Banana
Karl Jeffers
johnnymad wrote:
i figured that would be the general opinion. does anyone have good experience with any of their gear?

I have the BCR2000 has worked perfectly and I bought it second hand.
I also have the A500. Build quality is very good and it sounds just like a Krell.

I don´t have experience with other Behringer gear.

But I know that the old Behringer eurodesk mixers have exactly the same component layout and components as the Mackie desks.
Which is why Mackie sued them.

Honestly, why anyone continues to support this disgusting company is beyond me. They copy the look of reputable company's products, but they are built worse and sound like shit. You might as well start buying Monster cables too, and be done with it. lol
Oh what's all the fuss about?

There's expensive stuff for those who "need" (subjective) quality and can afford that. Then there are companies that show shit doesn't need to be that expensive who get thrashed for it. A lot of people enjoy using the cheap shit and actually use it to good effect. Alas there comes a time in every cheapskates' life when they can afford something "better" and then they too start talking shit about the likes of Behringer. Oh well.

Then the whole China issue. Spoiled americans and europeans being afraid their system will collapse because the chinese are better at their game and so what the chinese do can't be right. WELL I SAY INVADE THEM! It's usually the course of action isn't it?
falafelbiels wrote:
Then there are companies that show shit doesn't need to be that expensive who get thrashed for it.

Yup, Numark comes to mind as a company a lot of people like to slag, but they've brought out a number of good products that work wonderfully. Sure not everything's built like a tank, or can survive falling down a flight of stairs, land in a box of explosives that then blow up, but if you need that kind of quality in a product I want to know why you're knocking around your gear so much *laughs* Please note that I'm talking about for use at home, give me the most bulletproof items you've got if it's gigging/road trips etc one is talking about.
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