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Author stone&metal
here's a new track for ya:
Infinity Curve
That was great
SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!

That's a triple badger my friend!

What are the actual sources?

I use sound effects cd's a lot for industrial sounds and occasional t.v. and radio bits. Yours seem pretty specific.

How did you record, combine, mix them? I use Boss SP samplers with my cd players and a Tascam digital recorder.

Great imagination Felixer!
thanks cool

no cd's ... one track that runs the whole piece is from a stone quarry in africa. the kind where everything is done by hand. so you hear a lot of people banging on stones with fairly small hammers. and you hear them talking/laughing. there's also a donkey in there at some point. they use those for transport ...

the other sounds are shorter. the output of radiotelescopes. mainly pulsars. a few are electromagnetic waves from planets: earth, jupiter ...

it was combined in my daw (reaper). starting with the stone quarry and then arranging the other sounds. for my own convenience i made four tracks: tones, rhythms, noises and drones. just to keep easy track of what is what.

and at the very end you can hear the sound of sputnik 1. the very first satillite. launched by the russians on okt 4. (my birthday ;-) 1957. that is the connection, where we first got into space-activities ...

so the main object was to combine sounds from earth, very human activity, and space, objects far greater then man. and to show that there isn't much difference Mr. Green all is one ...
Very cool - so on line samples I guess?

Love the stone and metal. Brilliant.
the stone quarry i got from a mate who made the recording on site as she was the recording person for a documentary that was shot there. the rest, indeed online sources. as the nasa (and several observatories) are a product of taxpayers money, all the stuff they did is in the public domain. and a lot of it is available online ...
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