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Mooer Ocean Machine
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Author Mooer Ocean Machine
Anybody here at Muffs has seen this? Crazy Reverb->Delay->Reverb Box

looks interesting. keep my eys on this. the price is will be around 250$.
I have several Mooer distortions and overdrives and must say they do an excellent job at emulating classic overdrives, fuzz and, in general, all dirty-sounding machines. And the prices are extremely low, even here, in South America, where gear normally costs a pot of gold.

This said, I'm not too hot on their reverbs and delays - don't think they do succeed in the same way in the ethereal sounding department.

For sake of weight and easiness, I sometimes take a small pedal board to practice - all mini pedals - have used a pletora of Mooer for tone and general distortion, but when it comes to reverb and delay, its TC Electronic's HOF and Flashback mini versions. Mooer's Reecho didn't really cut it for me and their reverb, which I tested, didn't really make my day - got my hands on a "shimverb", to emulate shimmer effect, and must add that the sound was a bit of a joke. Couldn't take the pedal seriously.

This one - well, the demo does sound quite up there - but I would proceed with caution. For delay & reverb pedals, I would bet on, say, Earthquaker any day, but wouldn't be so hot on a Mooer. Just don't think its their thing.
looks like a step up for them, looks a cool pedal to experiment with, and for that case i think it would be fine
I think this will be my next purchase. Price is right at about 200£. The space between the knobs are to small, but I'm fine with that. And I would think Devin Townshend knows what he's doing. This pedal is like the total opposite of Mooers other small micro pedals.
Seems to be around £270 which puts it in the path of some big names, but it's a very interesting box for sure.
I've been gasing for this since I saw the first video last year. Can't wait until our local music store gets it. Over time I bought a Boss DD-500 and a TC HOF to satisfy my echo needs and I kinda doubt that the ocean machine will make me sell those, but I still can't wait to try it. If it really has such a hands-on approach, it could be a true contester nevertheless.
Anyone tried one of these?
Looks to be my next potential purchase but haven't seen that much feedback from synth users.....
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