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Live set Euro 9U + Octatrack
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Author Live set Euro 9U + Octatrack
Recording of my latest performance - 9U Eurorack system and Octatrack. OT was used for drums and FX's; everything else is euro. Sequencing from modcan, SSM used for live routing of audio signals/muting, CV'ed Tempi distributed for triggering of OSC's and Peaks in tap LFO.

Enjoy! smile

For more information about the patch, just ask..
edit: oh and the image is not the actual patch you are listening to grin

nice versatile performance, thanks for sharing!

especially enjoyed the parts from minute 6 and minute 23 on
really cool set up
Oh, your start nave me to early works of Boards of Canada. Well, good work, but, I think, it's time to Mastering)
Thx guys for feedback, and i do absolutely know that i need to master that system in both audio and ideological ways. Since this show i have replaced output section with 4x stereo mix and getting some new performance modules like rossum morpheus and plonk so there will be much more programmable potential. I am constricting myself to this 9U case so i had to sell some modules which are not so good for live performance:
Planar - good for specific patches but live is too limited.
Rings - great sounding module yet hard to control in live environment and not so easy to mix into other synthesis types.
Optomix - bleeding...
Thonk radio - sometimes when resetting it just stops to play.

The module i am looking forward the most is Morphagene - as a master output looper and sos tape machine it seems like strong companion for live improvisation.

I'm just building my first 6u rack to use with my OT and RYTM live. I don't know if the rack will ever leave the studio but the intent is there!
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