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Am I being put on? Unexpected interest from Bandcamp
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Author Am I being put on? Unexpected interest from Bandcamp
I set up a Bandcamp account a few days ago and did nothing to promote it (apart from adding some appropriate tags -- I haven't even told my friends). Unexpectedly, I got a message from someone interested in setting up a show here in Columbus.

Should I be suspicious of this? He or she was vague -- "I like your sound" but doesn't come across as spammy. My main concern is the name in the email doesn't match the name in the message, which seems weird, but whatever.

Am I being hustled here? What are your thoughts on this? If it's spam, it's significantly more difficult to tell relative to the spam I get on Soundcloud. smile Also, I have never played live in front of a crowd (of strangers).

Thanks for any advice on the matter!
I don't know the answer, but for what it is worth, I've had a bandcamp account for years, and I don't think I've ever received a user message through them. It seems plausible that someone looking for a local show searched for acts in your city through bandcamp. All you have on the line is a potential email exchange to flesh their offer out, if it interests you. Plenty of time to decide if it is legitimate with more details. I'm not really sure what the scam here would be. Some ploy to get you to invest in you promoting your fake performance? Dunno.
I've received spam through Bandcamp before, but it's been rare (only once or twice in 8 years).

I can't help with whether it's a scam or not. If they want you to pay for anything upfront or go out and sell tickets, then yes, most likely a scam. I'd recommend doing some web searches on their name, or look to see if anyone has posted around the web about similar stories that turned out to be scams, or even just search a whole sentence taken from the email.
I've been spammed with "I like your sound" and an invitation to be part of a show. I didn't reply. I think I like your sound is obviously way too general.
Yeah, my main concern is that it's ultimately some kind of sales pitch or someone just trying to package completely unrelated artists and dump that on some bar. I did some thorough searches on anything I could find without finding anything shady.

I replied to the email asking for more details -- we'll see how it goes! Thanks!
If it's the guys who got in touch with me it's a pyramid/pay-to-play system posing as booking:
We'll get you booking in Club XYZ (which is true, but...*)
All you have to do is presell N tickets
Then everybody gets paid, including you (theoretically true as well)

*The problem with all this is
1. Any artist who can regularly sell N tickets in advance doesn't need the services of random anonymous booking "agents" and they are already booking better than Club XYZ for the most part
1A. If you could pre-sell that many tickets you could just setup a private show and make a lot more money than is being offered by these shady booking deals
2. The places they will book you would book you directly if you called them and told them you had N tickets pre-sold (the agent is not really bringing anything to the table here)
3. If you don't pre-sell the tickets you have to buy them yourself. This means getting docked from your pay and/or getting explicitly charged for the difference (so I've read)

The guy was friendly but only somewhat up front about how the system worked. I still get emails from him asking if I've changed my mind. Definitely playing off the hopes and dreams angle. Had a very pyramid sort of vibe to it.
So, what I've learned from this thread is that not even the spammers like my sound. hihi
bwhittington wrote:
So, what I've learned from this thread is that not even the spammers like my sound. hihi

That's hilarious! applause I think you can take comfort that the spammers don't actually like anyone's sounds, or even take the time to listen.
Follow up: it looks to be a spammy sort of thing. Thanks for the heads up, folks -- here is the complete text of the reply email in case someone else runs against this nuisance:

Thanks for getting back to me. I want to answer all of your questions and make sure you have the information you asked for. There are a lot of details that go into every show (artist pay, prices, venue location, equipment provided, genres we book, lineup, etc). We offer shows each month, year round.

So let me send you all of the booking info and then you can look it over. If it doesn't answer all your questions you can reach me here, but our site and the Booking Profile are both pretty comprehensive and they do a great job of answering everyone's questions.

The first step to booking is to submit your Booking Profile at This is a one-time submission process. It is not a contract, you can opt out at anytime, and we are not exclusive. It is completely free to submit, and you can still book shows on your own.

Just go to and click the big blue Login button to get started.

Once you submit, I'll give your submission a full review and let you know what show options are going to fit you best. I hope we can work together, and I'm here if you need anything.

*All show details are listed in your account

Ryan Kintz
Yep, those are exactly the guys I was talking about, is the link they were always sending me. It was a different name (probably a different person) but same thing about the first step being "Go and make a profile at"

The guy never got cross or discourteous even when I basically explained that I wasn't hip to his business plan (I was also fairly polite about it) but like I said I continually get emails from him every now and again asking if I've changed my mind.
well... among first 5 search results for " review" are:

-Is Afton Live A Scam? And MyAfton?
-Ripoff Report | MyAfton Complaint Review

... and both seem to agree it´s AT BEST a shady pay-to-play scheme.

interestingly, ALL of the people that were in touch with them had the same one good thing to say about them: they´re not pushy. hihi

Personally, I´d politely decline and tell them you´d rather not have to sell your body on the streets for your very first gig - unless you´re the next musical prodigy, it´ll be hard to sell tickets for your debut show ^^

I recommend doing some sort of open stage or freeform jam first... I imagine Columbus should have something like that.

Something without too many obligations, and I guess nobody really expects to be paid for their first couple of gigs.

Or maybe even a modular synth meet?
I've gotten messages about shows before on Bandcamp, in fact 2 of them actually panned out and they were great. Ended up meeting some like minded musicians via bandcamp as well, so you never know!
In Southern California these are pretty much the only type of shows available unless you're well established. I've done a few, but after a while it gets really hard to find 40 people with $10 and a free Saturday.

I always respond to these messages by saying that I'm not interested in presale, but if they're ever booking any other types of shows I'd be happy to participate. Haven't heard back yet hihi
Yep, these guys are a pay-to-play scam. Afton contacted / CONTRACTED me to play two weeks ago... then cancelled me when I actually showed up.

Two days later they had the nerve to accuse me via email of losing the club money for not selling tickets... wtf.
i've never booked a show so thanks for the heads up on this...noting for future use!
My band has gotten emails from the Afton thing before as well, definitely a pay to play thing.
Not a Bandcamp experience, but on Soundcloud I have not posted any modular tunes yet, but did post a couple of "prog" tunes, an instrumental and an 8 minute long mini-epic that has vocals and extended solos. I have not received messages, but have received about 7-8 likes, most from young women who are fairly cute to gorgeous. I was not contacted, no offers and the all liked the mini epic, not the instrumental.

Now, I am incredibly handsome for my age (LOL) but I have no pictures of myself, so my normal sexually magnetic attributes don't come into play here. (Again LOL)

One person (again, supposedly female) liked my instrumental, but she was pitching some offer which I ignored.

I'm very suspicious by nature, so I just assumed the likes we auto generated by Soundcloud to keep me interested.

I'm hoping to start posting some of my modular experiments soon.
Double post, so sorry
I got a soundcloud spam similar to your spammer's pitch and I've only uploaded a couple shitty 8bit sketches from a phone app. That "performance" would just look like a 30minute phone call!! and they wanted me to open for some "Big Names"
lolspew The MSN Smack!
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