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Mikrophonie build with a useless gain knob?
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Author Mikrophonie build with a useless gain knob?
I just finished my first completely from scratch build...

I built a Mikrophonie from this schematic: -2-2-Schematic.pdf

And it looks like this:

I know it's a hot mess, but I'm new to this and I'm enjoying myself.

And the gain knob does absolutely nothing. I've tinkered with it and can't figure out why. It worked when I had it on a breadboard, but now it's no good. It definitely works; it makes noise when I tap on it, and it works great as a preamp for anything I plug in to it, even line level stuff. Just with no change in the volume regardless of what I do with the knob.

Any ideas are appreciated. I'm stumped.

Thanks for reading.

Great project!

Re: the gain knob. I can't really say more than that you must have wired it up wrong...
Nice build! I aslo built this module from the schematic.

I'm having trouble with the external input. When the "internal" piezo is connected the sound is like it should be but when connecting an external piezo the sound becomes thinner with less low frequencies. I quickly checked the wiring and it seemed to be correct. Any suggestions what might cause the problem?

I tested the module once more and maybe I'm just imagining the difference. Anyways I'm thinking this subtle difference (if it exists) could be coming from the unshielded cable that I'm using to connect the external piezo.
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