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Endangered Audio Research Gristleizer PCBs 50% off right now
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Author Endangered Audio Research Gristleizer PCBs 50% off right now
Letting go of our last remaining stock of PCBs for Gristleizers for $12.50 (half off) - tabletops and Eurorack - get 'em while you can! Free shipping to the US. When they're gone they're gone!
Any parts list, mouser cart, etc. available?

I did find the build guide at: uide-Eurorac/
Never mind, it is in the instructable! Should have have read the second page before asking.
you dont have any front panels lying around for these as well by any chance?
Also looking for a faceplate.
discop wrote:
Also looking for a faceplate.

And I. If someone does up a design on FPE or wants to do a small run of faceplates, I am interested! Doing one euro and one desktop.
Sorry would have responded earlier but for some reason I'm not getting email notifications!

There are no spare panels, but we'll give you the art and drill files that we used for both.

Email me at for that stuff (including the tabletop build guide, which is a PDF).

The Eurorack build is indeed detailed here: uide-Eurorac/

Note: The Euro PCBs do not come with the jackboards since the jackboards only work for one specific kind of jack. You'll have to understand how to read a schematic to wire up the jacks.

The front panels for the tabletop can be made beautifully with Lexan - that's how we did ours. Very cheap if you go to a local print shop that can do that - or maybe one of you can print off a ream and sell them off.

And just FYI, we'll be releasing Spectravibe, our new and improved Gristleizer, as a Eurorack module later this year, but it will NOT be DIY - so if you're solely looking to DIY this is the best chance to get a real cheap board. pre-order

That's Spectravibe - we're thinking of releasing it in Euro without the LFO to make the module smaller (like 8HP possibly, down from 20hp). What does everyone think?

Thanks again to everyone who's already ordered them! We had a bum rush of sales thanks to you.

Here's a link to TG on Modular Grid: r
partial cart for the euro gristle. Caps, pots, power header, dpdt switches and 3.5 mm jacks are not in the cart. cbd4fb
Thanks for making that @pathein! smile
Also interested in panels/enclosures for the desktop if anyone has anything on offer! thumbs up
Splashwater Boom-Boom
I'd be in for a panel as well. Just got my PCB from Mark and excited to get soldering!
Hey sorry this took a while! We were about to send the files out and found a mistake in the drawings - they're good now though!

Contains both Illustrator files and .pdfs!

These are the BOM/build guides:

Eurorack: uide-Eurorac/

Tabletop: %20Assembly%20Guide.pdf?dl=0
We only have like 5 Euro PCBs left and just a few Tabletops as well. 50% sale is still on!
I'm building a euro and a desktop as well, so i'd be interested in panels/enclosures as well.
One of our customers pointed out that there was a missing parts sourcing page from the manual - the tabletop build guide used to be hosted on a website that had the parts sourcing as a separate link - it's included in the PDF now. %20Assembly%20Guide.pdf?dl=0
half way through the soldering, decided to put in the knobs and jacks for a picture. The panel is a 20hp one from synthrotek and knobs from some left over guitar pedals project. The led len was changed to a metal bezel holder to fit the overall black and silver look.

*edited an earlier post on tayda pc mount pot. The legs were a bit short somewhat and some of the caps are lil bit taller. I have to extend it by soldering some header pin on it in order to fit the pcb with pots to the panel. Can be seen in the 2nd pic,

whoa that looks sexy as hell!!!
would you mind if i repost that on our @EndangeredAudio Instagram account, and if so, do you have anything you want me to plug, like your music page?
EndangeredAudulusMark wrote:
would you mind if i repost that on our @EndangeredAudio Instagram account, and if so, do you have anything you want me to plug, like your music page?

yeah, no prob, feel free to repost the picture.

only have this youtube channel for my modular doodling at the moment, yC
thanks panthein! give me a heads up when you do some videos with it and i'll repost those as well smile
yeah, will post some videos in here when the module is done and rack up!
re: front panels

If there is more than a couple of people interested, i can sort out a small run of euro panels.

For those of you who dont know me, a couple of examples of my panel making -

It will take me a while to convert from the illustrator files (i hate illustrator) but its entirely possible if there is some interest?
This is a direct convert from the illustrator files, to dxf for cutting a euro panel onto black anodised metal, with a white infill -

It could be cut as-is, however, the text is not great (it gets mutated a bit on the conversion)

File could be re-drawn, or used as is, depending on what is required.
I would definitely buy a panel.

A convenient number to run here would be 6-off (fits on a quarter sheet)

Cost -

GBP 30 per unit. Inc tax, ex delivery / transaction charges (where applicable - paypal personal avoids costs)

Delivery at cost, packing free.

Price is for 2mm matt black anodised, engraving with white infill, holes cut at per illustrator file.

Cost will seem high compared to large run printed panels, but there's limited economy of scale on a run of 6-off : )

6 takers, and ill run the job! : )
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