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DFW Synth DIY Workshop #1 PCB Etching
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Author DFW Synth DIY Workshop #1 PCB Etching
DFW Synth DIY Workshop 1

When: Sunday, September 28th, 2008 from 2pm-6pm
Where: And/Or Gallery at 4221 Bryan St, Dallas TX
What: We will be learning how to etch printed circuit boards (PCBs) at home. This is an invaluable skill for the Synth DIY hobbyist, with hundreds of circuit board layouts readily available and archived online. A short presentation on the etching process, where to find layout artwork, as well as an overview of PCB suppliers for the Synth DIY hobby, will be followed by a workshop demonstration. If you have a project in mind and would like to etch a board yourself at the event, please RSVP to the contact information below. We will only be able to make a limited number of circuit boards. Bring your enthusiasm and your questions!

For more information, contact:
Lars Larsen, workshop coordinator
at his gmail address: creatorlars
(or email the myspace )[/url]
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