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Video Synth DIY Resources
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Author Video Synth DIY Resources
I wanted to make a thread that is specifically for video synth DIY projects of any kind. I made a google drive doc that anyone can upload and edit with additional info to add, there is also a .zip file in the doc with everything currently posted available to download. This isn't super well organized, but there is a lot of useful info in there some of which was just vague ideas I had. Also, I made a complete Cadet 21 BOM that is available, but note that I have yet to order anything so I cannot say with certainty that it is completely accurate...but I'm pretty sure it is. Thanks for all the help that the community has given me since I started and to all those who shared these resources originally! I hope that some of you find this as useful as I have!

EDIT: I've disabled the ability for anyone to add additional material. Certainly not ideal, but everything was accidentally deleted and I want to make sure that won't happen again. If you have stuff you want to add please e-mail it to me at

Link to Drive Doc: vUENETVk?sort=13&direction=a
cool! good to have everything together!!

I've added some files SlayerBadger!
-synkie files
-Cadet mods and tips
-Video Equations
-MX10 luma mod
-single files "Crutchfield" (about video feedback) + "Campbell" (synth designs)

The synkie folder has a zipped file. it includes all synkie designs and a few version2 files (in 'newer versions")

I wanted to make a subfolder in the 3trinsRGB folder for the comparator plugin stuff , but if I want to move the comparator files, it tells me that some people will lose this share.
Thanks, great resource - will see what I can add.
Did the Cadet mods and Synkie docs get lost with the accidental delete?
bentoncbainbridge wrote:
Thanks, great resource - will see what I can add.
Did the Cadet mods and Synkie docs get lost with the accidental delete?

It looks like they were lost. I found the Cadet Mods, but unfortunately I don't have the Synkie files. I believe FetidEye posted those.
I can send you a wetransfer for the synkie files. pm me your email adress?

LZX mods:
j5 and j3 : tri en square wave outs

RGB encoder:
j7 : chroma and luma ??

(1) The C8 hard key circuit can be adapted to provide a pulse width modulation CV and output. Just send the triangle wave into the key input and threshold becomes pulse-width.
(2) There is a Square output on the C9 circuit. You can output it directly or use it with the triangle to drive a sawtooth waveshaper circuit.
I tried to mod my C9's to get sync from the power bus. I tried a jumper from the sync header to the apropriate pin on the power header. It didn't work for me.
ask LZX, they are very helpful!
Thanks for the resource. I have a 3trins RGB on the way for my 1st video synth build. Should be some fun..
I've uploaded the Synkie files again
I have found the cadet mods, but unfortunately, it has no synkie
What do you mean?

The Synkie files are here: 8
This is a great. Thank you!
great! thanks!
great work!
Is there a trick to downloading files from this resource? When I try to download anything, it states "Failed - Foebidden".....
I've added some new files to this Google place.
Castle schematics and BOM's.
I'm working on custom Castle PCB's, so some notes will follow!

and bump!
Google Video DIY
Very nice. Thank you!
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