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Video Synth DIY Resources
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Author Video Synth DIY Resources
I wanted to make a thread that is specifically for video synth DIY projects of any kind. I made a google drive doc that anyone can upload and edit with additional info to add, there is also a .zip file in the doc with everything currently posted available to download. This isn't super well organized, but there is a lot of useful info in there some of which was just vague ideas I had. Also, I made a complete Cadet 21 BOM that is available, but note that I have yet to order anything so I cannot say with certainty that it is completely accurate...but I'm pretty sure it is. Thanks for all the help that the community has given me since I started and to all those who shared these resources originally! I hope that some of you find this as useful as I have!

EDIT: I've disabled the ability for anyone to add additional material. Certainly not ideal, but everything was accidentally deleted and I want to make sure that won't happen again. If you have stuff you want to add please e-mail it to me at

Link to Drive Doc: vUENETVk?sort=13&direction=a
cool! good to have everything together!!

I've added some files SlayerBadger!
-synkie files
-Cadet mods and tips
-Video Equations
-MX10 luma mod
-single files "Crutchfield" (about video feedback) + "Campbell" (synth designs)

The synkie folder has a zipped file. it includes all synkie designs and a few version2 files (in 'newer versions")

I wanted to make a subfolder in the 3trinsRGB folder for the comparator plugin stuff , but if I want to move the comparator files, it tells me that some people will lose this share.
Thanks, great resource - will see what I can add.
Did the Cadet mods and Synkie docs get lost with the accidental delete?
bentoncbainbridge wrote:
Thanks, great resource - will see what I can add.
Did the Cadet mods and Synkie docs get lost with the accidental delete?

It looks like they were lost. I found the Cadet Mods, but unfortunately I don't have the Synkie files. I believe FetidEye posted those.
I can send you a wetransfer for the synkie files. pm me your email adress?

LZX mods:
j5 and j3 : tri en square wave outs

RGB encoder:
j7 : chroma and luma ??

(1) The C8 hard key circuit can be adapted to provide a pulse width modulation CV and output. Just send the triangle wave into the key input and threshold becomes pulse-width.
(2) There is a Square output on the C9 circuit. You can output it directly or use it with the triangle to drive a sawtooth waveshaper circuit.
I tried to mod my C9's to get sync from the power bus. I tried a jumper from the sync header to the apropriate pin on the power header. It didn't work for me.
ask LZX, they are very helpful!
Thanks for the resource. I have a 3trins RGB on the way for my 1st video synth build. Should be some fun..
I've uploaded the Synkie files again
I have found the cadet mods, but unfortunately, it has no synkie
What do you mean?

The Synkie files are here: 8
This is a great. Thank you!
great! thanks!
great work!
Is there a trick to downloading files from this resource? When I try to download anything, it states "Failed - Foebidden".....
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