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Anyone made an order with Addac recently?
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Author Anyone made an order with Addac recently?


Hey, just wondering if anyone was able to order directly from addac in the past month or so.

I put in an order at the beginning of January through their website and never heard anything from them or got a confirmation... Usually they are pretty quick to get back to me.

Id imagine they are quite busy since its the beginning of the year but I was just wanting to check if anyone else has had success, before I try and get the module elsewhere


I asked them for some info about the ADDAC301, got an answer about a week later, along with the needed purchasing info and that info "in stock and can ship this week". Placed an order the same day and transferred the money. After that I heard nothing from them, and also did not receive a parcel...
Wondering if my money is lost.


I have ordered and paid for a frame and a bag more than three weeks ago and after a few emails was told a week ago that it would be shipped this week. Haven't heard from it since. seriously, i just don't get it

EDIT: I have just received a tracking number so it seems that it got sorted out after all!

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