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Disting MK3 problem
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Author Disting MK3 problem
My Disting MK3 boots up with no LED's on. No boot sequence at all. The jacks do change color with response to voltage though. Is there something I can do to fix it? I can't even try to update the firmware because that requires the LEDs to work.
Sounds dead. Is it new? Bought recently?
Dead? Ohno! Bought new last March 2016. Is it under warranty still?
Mail me and I'll take a look at it.

Did this happen spontaneously, or is it related to something you did e.g. case rearrangement, power confusion etc.?
I'm not sure. It's been a while since I've last used the case it was in. I recently rearranged a skiff and was gonna use the quantizer.

What's the mailing address? Is it possible to upgrade to the MK4 by mailing it in also?
Email me (with proof of purchase) and we'll sort out shipping.

It is not possible to upgrade to a mk4.
OS, email sent!
So I updated to 3.10 (twice0, all the boot sequences happen as they should, all the LEDs work during this time, however... when i try to choose menu items both the 2 and B LEDs show up as blank even though during the boot sequence they always work fine. Then when i choose a setting with either a 2 or a b it does work but the LED doesn't show up. Then when i power down and reboot the LEDs that weren't there before suddenly light up and show what mode i'm in properly... Has ANYONE experienced this phenomenon?
Please don't double post.
Hi Os, apologies for the post in thread but muff says i can't pm you as i'm not active enough here i have an disting mk3 that won't output anything on the a and b jacks, the a jack fails to light up. Menu lights work as they should zxy respond with light changes as they should. Tried firmware update, lights flashed as described but still no volts at output.

Can anything be done to help my sorry ass?

Thanks in advance

It can probably be fixed. Email me.
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