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What to do with this monster?
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Author What to do with this monster?
At the shop there is a great big wooden doorstop/dust magnet that tends to just get in the way. In 2008 we were contemplating making a "self-contained monosynth" with keyboard and S-1000 with MIDI-CV. One prototype was made and enclosed in a great big nicely-finished wood box covered with veneer, made by a local cabinet shop.

I asked around and no one thought it was a "practical product", given its size and cost and relative fragility. Shipping it any long distances would have been prohibitively expensive. It would have ended up retailing for >$5000US and you know what people do when they see prices like that.

Should I build a prepatched synth of this type today, it would be MUCH smaller and more compact. The S-1000 was another of those "kitchen sink" things that people like to ask for but rarely end up actually buying.

For years I've contemplated finding a good home for the beast. (Might have posted a thread about this before--can't remember) If I saved one of everything Metasonix had ever made I'd end up having no room left to live in. Problem is, shipping this thing is impractical. It's huge. Ideally I'd like it if someone on the west coast or pref. in the bay area came up to Lakeport to pick it up in person and drive it home. Carefully.

Photos below. It was working the last time I plugged it in. If you pick it up, I will throw in all kinds of extra goodies--spare tubes, spare parts etc.

metasonix interest? I might be willing to swap for something useful.
AH, if only a museum was willing to take it....
Man. I already own a wretch, but would still love to have this! My current budget and geographical disposition are against me! waah
*cough* what is the going rate for this one of a kind?
If I wasn't in Florida I'd be in my car already. Cool opportunity.
Shit... wish I lived closer to commifornia, but I would also have to manage to not be so almost broke too. very frustrating

Well maybe the tax man will be nice to me and I can make a road trip out of this if that does happen. screaming goo yo
Eric, I would be honored to adopt this beast, and am willing to drive down from Oregon for pickup. I would likely be able to store it at the Portland Synth Library, where I am a facilitator and where students could use it to learn about synthesis.
I'll be blunt.

The core value is in the S-1000. Gut this beast, sell the S-1000 and dispose of the rest.
It certainly ain't pretty and looks like a collection of parts instead of a cohesive whole. Yes, it was proof-of-concept piece. I got the message.
I suspect that the project went nowhere for many reasons and one would be the value proposition. Sell the Wretch, de-clutter and move on.
I've got a possible buyer, although he won't be able to pick it up till March.
I could pick it up any time before then and bring Brian; feel free to hit me up to let me know what the current offer is.
Oops sorry, too late, someone just paid for it....
metasonix wrote:
Oops sorry, too late, someone just paid for it....

glad to see that someone claimed it!
And here it is in operation;
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