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You are listening to Radio Muff!
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Author You are listening to Radio Muff!
I was thinking to myself would a muff modular streamed radio station be a good idea? Yes it could! Lots of people on this forum are eager to share the music as well as their thoughts. Wouldn't it be great to hear screaming banshee live modular jams? A number of streaming slots and a few radio categories. Scheduled muff members can play DJ mixes and also host special streamed live performances. Perhaps the artist challenge winners could DJ more of their work. Another laminar of musical interaction for the community maybe.

A cursory look finds that there are some free streaming scripts and other are hosted.


seems like a few people would be interested!
Ahh well done...I promise I did search for prev articles oops
Well anyway it sounds like there is a little interest, but maybe not the imputes to back it unless it was ready to go...

I can have a look into it. It could be setup independently, but would likely be more of a niche success if it was built around a muff project and benefited from the community interest here.
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Artist Discussion  
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