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VIDEO: Peter demonstrates Plumbutter
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Author VIDEO: Peter demonstrates Plumbutter
Thanx for sharing thumbs up
we're not worthy
loving these videos hocustotem Thank you so much applause
thank you, VDU, and everyone else who watched.

i hope this video has value for plumbutter users in troubleshooting, deciphering functions and uses, etc.
I can never get those 'crusty' sounds on the ultrasound that he describes at around 11 minute mark. any tips on patching? thanks!
I've gotten some of these crusty sounds by cross patching the different brown rolls together then patched into the ultrasound...and turning the knobs until I stumble upon these odd distortions...modulating the accompanying verso/inverso inputs for each roll will get some cool variations as well. Maybe others can chime in with some alternative methods?
I went away and tried it after this video, and came to similar conclusions. I think I got best results from cross patching the rolls, modulating verso/inverso inputs and patching into the ultrasound. I think because of the geometry, it may well be more sucessful listening to one of the 3 rolls (rather than a 4 roll) at the ultrasound. I also used the deerhorn to modulate the ultrasound too. zombie
3 rolls intertwined should give you some good crusty sounds
feedback is the key
one into two into three back into one into three
one being a 4 roll, 2 being a two roll and three being another 4 roll
Thank you! I'm getting a plumbutter today so I'm sort of stepping into the field and looking for vids of the pb. Does anyone know of any good informative videos?

"the synths of peter b" is a beautiful document.
hocustotem - Huge shout out to you and your crew. This video has been one of the deciding factors in my ordering a Plumbutter, and I've been returning to it pretty frequently in the last week -- it definitely lays out a clear approach that'll be great to replicate once I have the instrument in front of me.
thank you ghrobbing_tristle. that was my hope, that this video would be a reference for pb users.

interestingly, the pb that peter uses in this video had actually been sitting on his patio, exposed to the elements for years. so it was acting funky when he demonstrated it. the new pb2s sound better, or, at least, sound closer to peter's intention when he conceived the instrument.... that's my interpretation, anyway.
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