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Chorus recommendations ?
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Author Chorus recommendations ?
i´m not a chorus guy, but the thought to have one strived me allready in my hardware days ( that was last year wink )

I found the Demo from the UVI Thorus to be quite intriguing:

any others to check ?
Definitely check out Valhalla Ubermod.
+1 on UberMod, one of my favorite plugins. Also, the TAL-Chorus-LX (based on the juno chorus) is nice if you just need a simple chorus that sounds good.
D16 SYnthorus is good, too, as well as Acon Multilply (which is free).
hmmm..... ......i have the übermod allready...... hmmm.....
"problem" solved i guess
much thanks !

( got me some Valhalla plugs some years back with my macbook, but didn´t started to work anything audio ITB then..........time to patch with the übermod wink )
phase ghost
What's your DAW? I always thought Logic's built in chorus sounded pretty good. I use Ubermod too. Usually one of the presets.
phase ghost wrote:
What's your DAW?

Ableton Live9

btw. I went for the UVI thorus as i had a Voucher,
and i had a good play with the übermod right now. both only played on Grand Piano tough. (Pianoteq5)

the Thorus has something very clear to it what i couldn´t get out of the ubermod . Thorus seems better suited for Piano and is exactly what i was after.
the ubermod has had in all my trys some coloration to the signal which makes fiddling with the mix parameter a less seamless thing in my ears.
A coloration that might suit perfectly when used on synths.........beside all the wild adjustability of the ubermod ......which the wiggler in me just can´t keep fingers off wink lol

heads up for the UVI Thorus for Grand Piano uses.
very simple to adjust, sounds very great to my ears !
The UA studio D chorus is outstanding, anyway you need an UAD audio interface or accelerator for using it. l
Ableton's chorus is really nice imo. Hornet's products are usually pretty good and crazy cheap, so you might try this one too
+1 Ableton Chorus. Simple but great so far and very easy to use.
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