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The Roots of Trance
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Author The Roots of Trance
sonicwarrior wrote:
Bet this was played by DJ Laurent in Goa in the 80's.

I found another thread over at where this Laurent character suddenly pops up to post a list of tracks he actually did play in the 80's. "Here a list of tracks that I played in Goa parties", says siolaw, who is actually Laurent, "they mostly range from 1983 to 1993, but some are older, as in those days some tracks were played for some years!" It's a long list, but I don't think it hurts to have it posted twice on the same internet.

16 Bit - Changing Minds (Instrumental)
16 Bit - Changing Minds (Remix)
16 Bit - Hi-Score
16 bit - Too Fast to Live (Extended_Mix)
16 Bit - Too Fast To Live (Instrumental)
16 Bit - Where Are You (instrumental)
2 Belgen - In the night (instrumental)
2 Men A Drum Machine And A Trumpet - I'm Tired of Getting Pushed
3 Times 6 - You Can Run (Hypnotic Mix)
400 Blows - Groove jumping
A flock of Seagulls - (It's not me) Talking
A Grumh - Kill
A Grumh-Bloody - NGUU (Petite Fugue)
A Popular History of Signs- Stigma
A Split Second - Close Combat
A Split Second - Drinking sand (Remix)
A Split Second - Flesh(remix)
A Split Second - Mambo Witch (Extended Version)
A Split Second - On command
A Split Second - Rigor mortis
A2L - Come On (1988)
Abfahrt - Alone (It's Me) [Breathless]
Abfahrt - Come into my life (breathless version)
Access 22 - 669 Resolution.mp3
Access 22 - Ducted (Version 2.0)
Access 22 - Sinergy
Acts of Madmen - The Dream (long)
Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock [Instrumental]
Airplane Crashers - White Rabbit
Ajax - Mind the Gap (12'' Version)
Alien Sex Fiend - Ignore the Dub (ext.)
Alien Sex Fiend - Ignore the Machine
Allez Allez - Allez Allez (Fly Remix)
Amnesia - Acid Science (1988)
Android - Aliens
Anne Clark - Our Darkness (12-inch Remix)
Anne Clarke -Sleeper in Metropolis
Art of Noise - Beat Box
Art of noise - Close to the edit (extended remix)
Art of Noise - Closer (To the Edit)
Art of Noise - Dragnet '88
Art Of Noise - Paranoimia '89
Attrition - Haydn (12'')
Baby Ford - Fetish (Main Mix)
Bam Bam - Give it to me (original version) (1988)
Basic Control - Traffic
Basic Control - Wormal
Beat Professor - Beat Professor
Beat System - The Noise Dance (to cut)
Berlin - Transver (Gril Mix)
Big Audio Dynamite - In Full Effect [Mix]
Bigod 20 - Acid to body
Bigod 20 - America
Bigod 20 - Body to Body
Bigod 20 - IQ
Bigod 20 - Photographic
Bigod 20 - The Bog (Dance Mix)
Bigod 20 - What Acid (1988)
Blancmange - All Things Are Nice
Blancmange - Blind Vision (Long Version)
Blancmange - Don't Tell Me (Extended)
Blancmange - Feel Me (US 12' Instrumental)
Blancmange - Game Above My Head (Long Version)
Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling (Extended Version)
Blancmange - Murder
Blancmange - On Our Way To
Blancmange - That's Love That It Is (Extended)
Blancmange - Vishnu (Instrumental)
Blind Vision - Tanz Den Teufel (v2.0 - Instrumental)
Blind Vision - Bestialic Beat
Blind Vision - Don't Look At Me (G-Mix)
Blind Vision - Don't Look At Me (Razormaid! Mix)
Blind Vision - Near Dark (2nd Mix)
Boa Club - Pressure
Body Control (Out Of Control Dub)
Bollock Brothers - harley david (son of a bitch)
Boxcar - Comet (vision mix)
Boytronic - Communicate (Instrumental)
Boytronic - You (Instrumental)
Cabaret Voltaire - Big Funk
Cabaret Voltaire - C.O.M.A.
Cabaret Voltaire - Crackdown (12' mix)
Cabaret Voltaire - Diskono
Cabaret Voltaire - Do Right
Cabaret Voltaire - Don't Argue
Cabaret Voltaire - Dream Ticket (12' mix)
Cabaret Voltaire - Drink Your Poison
Cabaret Voltaire - Ghostalk
Cabaret Voltaire - Here to Go (Extended Mix)
Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You (12' mix)
Cabaret Voltaire - James Brown (12' mix)
Cabaret Voltaire - Just Fascination (12' mix)
Cabaret Voltaire - Kickback
Cabaret Voltaire - Kino (12' mix)
Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria (12' mix)
Cabaret Voltaire - Slammer
Cabaret Voltaire - Sleepwalking
Cabaret Voltaire - Talking Time
Cabaret Voltaire - Yashaar
Carlos Peron - Spanish Fly
Cavemen - Bocasaurus
Cavemen - Eye Of The World (1988)
CCCP - Made in Russia (12'' Extended Mix)
CCCP - Made In Russia (Instrumental)
Cee Jay (R & S Records 912) - Planet Zorgon (b1)
Central Unit - Computer Music (Hardware Mix)
Chakk - Out Of The Flesh
Chakk - Timebomb
Chico Crew - Noise Gate
Chimo Bayo - Asi Me Gusta A Mi (Esta Si, Esta No) (Instrumental
Chinese Ways - Secrets Of China (1988)
Chris & cosey - Vengeance (extented)
Chris and Cosey - Love Cuts
Christine D - Europe (Version Endurante) (1989)
Chuck Rascal - Watch Me Flippin' Ribbed (Dutch Dance Mix)
Cicero - Pukka (Elevation Mix)
Clan of Ximox - A Day (Re-mix)
Clan of Xymox - Stranger (remix)
Click Click - Sweet Stuff (Remix)
Clock DVA - Sound mirror
Code Industry - Suffer (12'' mix)
Cold Sensation - Belgian Music
Cold Sensation - Trash In Heaven (1990)
Comsat Angels - Heart (Dub)
Confetti's - C in China ( Instrumental version )
Confetti's - The Sound Of C... (1988)
Cosmic Baby - Cosmic Cubes
Cosmic Baby - Overdrive
Cosmic Baby - Space Track
Cosmic Baby - Transcendental
Cubic 22 - Wyro (1990
D.I.Y. - U don't have 2 worry (instrumental) (1989)
DAF - 1st step to heaven (instrumental)
DAF - Brothers (Mix Gabi)
DAF - Brothers (Mix Robert)
DAF - Brothers (razormaid remix)
DAF - Program it (instrumental)
DAF - Pure Joy
DAF - The gun (extended)
DAF - absolute body control (mix ii)
Damon Edge - I'm a Gentleman
Dance 2 Trance - Freaks
Dance 2 Trance - Power Of American Natives
Dance 2 Trance - We Came In Peace
Dance 2 Trance - Where is dag
Danton's Voice - Kick Your (Extended)
Dark Comedy - War Of The Worlds
Data - Blow
Data Bank - The power broker
Datura - Yerba Del Diablo
Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Murder Mix)
Dimension 5 - Extradroid
Dirty Harry - D'bop (instrumental mix)
Divine - Love Reaction
Divine - You Think Your A Man
DJ Hell - My definition of house music (Resistance D remix)
DLM - U.S. Guideline
Domination - Paranoia (Destruction Mix)
Double I.D. - Communicate
Dr. Baker - Inan
Dr. Baker - KAOS (1989)
Dr. Fernando! - Jojoba
Dr.Baker - Kaos
Dr.Phibes - Baby Phibes
Drinking Electricity - Breakout
Dunk - Body Control
Eat Static - Almost Human (Abduction Mix)
Eat Static - Gulf Breeze
Eat Static - Intruder
Eat Static - Prana
Eden Transmission - I'm So High
Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt (12'' original mix)
Eighty Night - Copter Dream (1989)
Electric Theater - The Killer
Empty Quarter - Crucial Lover
Empty Quarter - Glass Finger
Eon - Infinity (Mystic Mix)
Eon - Infinity (Space-Time Mix)
Erotic Dissidents - Move Your Ass
Exit 100 - Liquid (bubble one)
Exit 100 - Liquid (bubble two)
Explorers Of The Nile - We Are All Egyptions
F.C.M.P. - Demon dance (1991)
F.U.S.E. - Confusion (Dub)
F.U.S.E. - F.U.2 (Re-edit)
F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse
Fad Gadget - 1st Step to heaven (bonus mix)
Fad Gadget - Coitus Interruptus
Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People (Berlin Mix)
Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People (London Mix)
Fad Gadget - Lady Shave
Fade-X - Curiosity (Single Version)
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus (Salieri Mix Long)
Fatal Attraction - Music To Be Murdered By
Fatal Error - Fatal Error
Fatal Morgana - Attention (instrumental)
Fatal Morgana - Glasnost (original version )
Fatal Morgana - I Believe
Fischerman's Friend - Let's Panic
Fischerman's Friend - Teutonic Beats
Fluke - Electric Guitar
Force Dimension - Algorythm (Razormaid Mix)
Force Legato - System
Force Staccato - Staccato rmx
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax(Long Promo Remix)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - War
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome to the pleasure dome3
French Connection - Snack Attack
Freur - You're A Hoover (Dun Difrunt)
Front 242 - Agressiva due
Front 242 - Agressiva
Front 242 - Commando (Remix).flac
Front 242 - Commando Mix
Front 242 - Don't Crash
Front 242 - Funkahdafi
Front 242 - Headhunter V1.0
Front 242 - Hypnomix
Front 242 - Masterblaster
Front 242 - Masterhit (LP Version)
Front 242 - Masterhit part I & II
Front 242 - Never Stop! V1.0
Front 242 - Never Stop! V1.1
Front 242 - Quite unusual
Front 242 - Special Forces.flac
Front 242 - Take One
Front 242 - TFY (Instrumental)
Front 242 - TFY (Neurodancer)
Front 242 - Tragedy for you (punish your machine mix 12 inch)
Front 242 - Tragedy For You
Front 242 - Trigger 2 (Anatomy Of A Shot)
Front 242 - U Men (LP Mix).flac
Front 242 - U-men
Front 242 - W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G.
Front 242 - Welcome To Paradise
Front Line Assembly - Digital Tension Dementia (Contagion Mix)
Front Line Assembly - Iceolate (Dub Mix)
Front Line Assembly - Insanity Lurks Nearby
Front Line Assembly - Mental Distortion
Front Line Assembly - Resist (Dislocated Mix)
Front Line Assembly - Right Hand Of Heaven
Front Line Assembly - Vexation
Front Line Assembly - Virus (Aggro Mix)
Frontline Assembly - Black March
Frontline Assembly - Nine Times
Frontline Assembly - No Control
Fruit of Life - Not afraid to dance (latenightmix)
Fruit of Life - Not afraid to dance (puzzlemix)
Futurama - Bassrace
Future Shock - The Force will be with you
Future Shock - The Murderer
Gazebo - Master Piece (Instrumental Mix)
General Base - Mein Gott, Es Ist Voller Sterne (Killer Mix)
General Base - Mein Gott, Es Ist Voller Sterne (Rising Star Mix)
Generation N - Crash 707 (Radio Mute Off) (1989)
Genetic - Trancemission
Grauzone - Film 2
Greater than One - The Ballet Of The 3 Feathered Sardines
GTO - Bullfrog [Data Flow Mix]
Hamen - Without Words
Hanta Yo - The joker (1989)
Hard Corps - Dirty
Hard Corps - Je suis passee (club mix)
Hashim - Al-Naayfiysh (the soul)
Hashim - We're Rocking The Planet
Herbie Hancock - Rockit (Extended)
Hipnosis - Droid (Extended Version)
Holographic - Holographic (1992)
Holy Ghost Inc. - The word(to cut)
Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Improvised 12'' Dub)
Human League - Do or die (dub mix)
Human League - Hard times (love action) (inst.)
Human League - Don't You Want Me
Hunters & Collectors - Talking To A Stranger
Hunters and Collectors - Talking to a Stranger (12'')
Hunting Movement - Escape (Main Mix)
Hyperborea - Choir egography-[hardcore mix]
Hyperborea - Eraczek (Return To Reality Mix)
Hypnopedia - Hypnopedia
Hypnosis - Lost In Space (Remix)
Hysteria - Who killed JFK
I Start Counting - Listen
Ideas 4 Imitators - Der komtur (dance-dub)
Impakt - Defcon (Club-Mix)
In-D - Bastion In-D Stress
In-D - Beat In-D Dream (Instrumental)
In-D - Beat In-D Dream
In-D - Virgin In-D Sky's (Special Adventure Mix)
In-D - Virgin In-D Sky's
Indicate - The Latest Idea (1989)
Insekt - Combat zone
Intaferon - Get out of London (12'' Version)
Intension - Monster of love
Intension - Tragic revolution
Interactive - The techno wave (castle mix) (1990)
Interfront - Downfall
Interfront - The Newcomer
Interfront 2 - Bagdad Radio (1991)
Invincible Spirit - Contact
Ironic Remark - Re-birth of the Anti-Christ (Instr.)
Ironic Remark - Rebirth of an Anti-Christ
It's Official - No Words (1989)
It's Official - We Are Responsible
Jarvic 7 - Bush Of Love
Jarvic 7 - The fire brigade
JC's Project - Andromedia (1988)
Jean-Michel Jarre - Revolution, revolutions
Jerry Harrison - Things Fall Apart
Jerry Harrison - Worlds In Collision
Joe Machine - Follow The Rainbow (San Francisco Mix)
John Cale - Villa Albani [Instrumental Remix]
John Rocca - Once Upon A Time (1984)
Johnson Engineering Co. - Beating the hell out of Carmina
Johnson Engineering Co. - Floorslammer (1989)
Kahli-T - The land of nowhere (12'')
Karen Finley - Dub it
Kings Of Agreppo - Agreppo (Instrumental)
Klangwerk - Die Kybernauten
Klangwerk - Klangwerk
Klangwerk - Und Weiter Geht's
Klangwerk - Warte bis es dunkel ist...
Klinik - Memories
Komakino - Dark Zone
Komakino - Frogs in Space
Komakino - Komaslide
Komtur - Der Tatort (1990)
Konzept - Hypnautic Beats (Instrumental)
Konzept - Kampf Der Welten (Werk-Mix)
Konzept - Last Night
Konzept-Human Transmission
Koto - Chinese Revenge
Koto - Jabdah
Koto - Japanese War Game
Koto - Time
Koto - Visitors (12'' Version)
Landscape - Einstein a go go (12 mix)
Laser Cowboys - Killer Machine (Re-mix)
Laser Cowboys - Radioactivity (From The Ucraine)
Laserdance - Humanoid Invasion (Original Remix)
LDC - Die Schwarze Zone
LDC - Plasma (1992)
LDC - T-Raumreise (Instrumental Version)
LDC - Wir schicken Dich ins All
Ledernacken - Amok! [Extended]
Leisure Process - Cashflow (Extended)
Lhasa - Acetabularia V 2.3. (1989)
Lhasa - Adhesive
Lhasa - Feel dis beat on
Lhasa - Fractal Energize
Lhasa - Ray D 8
Lhasa - the attic (1990)
Lhasa - Transcendance
Liaisons Dangereuses - Los ninos del parque
Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte (mix)
Major Problem - Acid Queen (Instrumental)
Major Problem - I Still Have a Dream
Man Parrish - Hiphop bebop
Man Parrish - Manmade
Man With No Name - Evolution
Man With No Name - Teleport
Manufacture - Passion For The Future
Manufacture - Slugger
Mark Imperial - J'adore danser (dub)
Mark N-R-G - Visions And Brain Waves
Mark NRG - Military city
Mark Shreeve - Legion
Master Program - Central Europe
Master Program - Jump Into The Light
Master Program - Total Fire-Ant Control
Material - Dont lose control
Matia Bazar - Eltetrochoc (instrumental)
Maxx - Cocaine
Megabeat - Friday 13
Megabeat - Twin Beats
Megatron - Insanity (1991)
Mental Overdrive - Communion
Metrixx - Is It True (To The Unknown)
Metropolis - Time Of War (A.C. Mix)
Metropolis - Time Of War
Microchip League - Communicate (Atomic Part Mix)
Microchip League - Communicate (Razormaid! Mix)
Microchip League - New York New York(RMX)
Microchip League - Satellite (12'' Version)
Microchip League - Stranger (Razormaid Remix)
Midnight Oil - Power and the Passion (Extended Version)
Mig 29 - Mig-29 (parie seconda) mission 3 (1992)
Mindscape - Incal
Minimal Compact - Statik Dancing
Ministry - Halloween (Remix)
Mittageisen - Mittageisen - 11 - Automaten (Maxi Version)
Model 500 - No UFO's (D-Mix)
Modern Mechanical Music - Persia
Moev - Capital Heaven
Moral Support - Living with Passion (long version) (1983)
Moskwa Tv - Brave New World
Mr. Horse - Crisis Situation (1988)
MSB - In Action! (1989)
Museum of Devotion - Racist
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - First Cut
Mysterious Art - Das Omen(Instrumental)
Mysterious Art - Requiem (Instrumental Mix)
N.O.I.A. - Stranger in a Strange Land (club mix)
N.O.I.A. - The Rule Is To Survive
Nautilus - To Live In Peace
Neo Technic - Maas 1 (Sprawl Mix)
Neo Technic - Maas 2 (Biolab mix)
Neon - Dark Age
Neon - No Limit (Bass Mix)
Neon - Voices (Remix)
New Beat Express - I Love You & I Hate You (1988)
New Beat Express - I love you and i hate you (new beat mix)
New Beat Generation - Suck (instrumental) radial
New Design - Some Like It Hot (Acid Version) (1989)
New Order - Blue Monday
New Order - Confusion (Instrumental)
New Order - The Beach
Nimrod - Acid Haze (1988)
Nina Hagen - New York NY (Ben Liebrand remix)
Nitzer Ebb - Backlash
Nitzer Ebb - Captivate
Nitzer Ebb - Control I'm Here
Nitzer Ebb - Getting Closer
Nitzer Ebb - Hearts & Minds
Nitzer Ebb - Join in the Chant
Nitzer Ebb - K.I.A.
Nitzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn
Nitzer Ebb - Lightning Man
Nitzer Ebb - Murderous
Nitzer Ebb - Shame
Nitzer Ebb - So Bright, so Strong
Nitzer Ebb - Warsaw Ghetto (dub mix)
Nitzer Ebb - Without Belief (Instrumental)
No Excuse - X Sample (12'') Acid test Mix (1989)
No Name - Acid Conflict (1988)
Nobody Uninc. - Only Human
Noise Control - Future Vision
Noise Control - My Fight
Noise Control - Tehniska Musika
Nostromo Dept - Evolution (Dali's Mix)
Nostromo Dept - Evolution (devolution)
Nux Nemo - Asian Fair [12'']
Nux Nemo - Chinatown (Full Asian Version)
Nux Nemo - Hiroshima (ext.)
Nux Nemo - Hiroshima
Nux Nemo - Paracelsus (1988)
Ocular - Das Karussell (Fair Mix) (1990)
Odysee of Noises - Circe (ugly pig mix)
Odysee of Noises - Troya mix 93
Off - Bad news
OFF - Electrica Salsa
Off - Step By Step
Opium monks - Secrets of Africa
Orient Affair - Classic Dance (Far East Mix)
Orient Affair - Classic Dance (Occidental Mix)
Orient Affair - Hunting And Saving (Dance Mix)
Orient Affair - Love Computer
Out of the Ordinary - Der Weisse Hai (92)
Out Of The Ordinary - Play It Again (1989)
Out of the Ordinary - The Dream
Outlander - E.S.P.
Outlander - Untitled
Overdrive - Beat It Up
Overnight Sensation - Geronimo
P.Jistes - Confocation (1989)
Parade Ground - Action Replay
Parade Ground - Gold Rush
Parade ground - Retired
Parade Ground - Snake
Patrick Cowley - Mind Warp (Remix)
Paul Hardcastle - The Asylum (It'z Weird)
Pericles - Nuit d'ivresse
Pet Shop Boys - One More Chance (Dub Mix)
Pete Shelley - Homosapien [Dub]
Pete Shelley - Telephone Operator-Many a Time
Pete Shelley - Witness The Change (Instrumental Mix 1981)
Peter Richard - Walking In The Neon
Peyote - Wardance
Phantasia - Innerlight
Phantasia - Violet Skies
Phobia - Phobia (1991)
Photon - Security
Physical Motion - Death in white chappel
PIL - This is not a Love Song
PLB System - Artificial defence (instrumental bass mix)
Pleasure game - Le dormeur
Pluuto - Isn't it Crazy
Poesie Noire - Gioconda Smile
Poesie Noire - Timber
Popular Front - Terrorist attack (dub mix)
Pornotanz - Cy-Sex
Portion Control - Crash Weight Gain
Portion Control - Go-Talk (Remix)
Portion Control - Raise the pulse
Portion Control - The Great Divide
Potec - Das Ende (1991)
Profondo Rosso - Profondo Rosso
Propaganda - P-machinery (beta)
Prophet 5 - Invasion Of The Techno Snatchers
Psyche - Caught in the act
Psyche - Prisoner To Desire
Psyche - Unveiling the secret
Psychic TV - Tune In, Turn On
Psycho Team - Bolero (1990)
Psycho Team - Experience
Psycho Team - Psycho (1989)
Public Relations - Eighty Eight
Public Relations - Step by step (radial)
Public Relations - Public Relations
Public Relations - Vava
Pulse 8 - Radio Morocco
Pussy Jews - She's Both (No Arguments Version)
Quazar - Moon Turns The Tide
Ramin - Brainticket
Random Access - Interceptor (Instrumental)
Re-Flex - The Politics Of Dancing (Extended)
Ready Made - Trance (1989)
Recall IV - Aesthetic (1991)
Recall IV - Contrast
Reflex - The Pleasure Trip (1988)
Reject 707 - Brainkiller (1988)
Resistance D - Cosmic Energy
Revolting Cocks - Attack Ships... (12 Version)
Revolting Cocks - No Devotion (12 Version)
Revolting Cocks - On Fire (12 Version)
Revolting Cocks - Union Carbide (Bhopal Version)
Rhythm Device - Dream Trance (1990)
Richard H. Kirk - Hypnotic (12' Remix)
Richard H. Kirk - Martyrs Of Palestine (Remix)
Robert Gorl - A Ist Wieder Da
Robert Görl - Eckhardt's party
Robotiko Rejekto - Injection
Robotiko Rejekto - Rejecto(ext.)
Robotiko Rejekto - Umsturz Jetzt
Rockets - On the road again
Roman Grey - Look Me In The Eyes (Dance Dub Version)
Romeo Void - Never Say Never
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Robin Scott - Lexington queen
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Robin Scott - War head
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Riot in Lagos
S-Express - The Trip
S.A.P. - Le transfert est accompli
Sacher Musak - Gorbymania (Techno Mix) (1989)
Savage Progress - Heart begin to beat
Scandale - Délit D'Initié (1989)
Schicksal - 10-24 hours
Schicksal - Manupulation (1988)
Schulz - Schulz
Scope - The Future (Cybotron Mix)
Screaming Trees - Iron Guru (extended)
Scrot - Teufelsrhythmus
Secession - All The Animals Come Out At Night
Secession - Fire island (instrumental)
Secession - Simon Says
Secession - Sneakyville (Extended Mix)
Secession - The Magician
Secession - Touch
Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)
Sequencial - Death house (death mix)
Sequencial - Psychotronic [Schmitttrigger]
Sequential - Is It Just A Dream
Set Up System - Music And Noise
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened [extended Version]]
Sexpress - Have A Nice Day
SFX - Monster mania (monster mix)
SFX - Monster mania (techno mix)
Shakti - The Awakening
Shark Vegas - You Hurt Me (Version)
Shriekback - Accretions (Monstrous Mix)
Shriekback - Hand on my heart (Cloud Of Nails - Pump Up A Storm)
Shriekback - Into Method
Shriekback - Lined Up
Shriekback - Madness into Method
Shriekback - Mercy Dash (Ready For This)
Shriekback - My Spine Is The Bassline (12' Edit)
Shriekback - Under The Lights
Shriekback - Working on the ground (12 inch remix)
Signal Aout 42 - Black & White Ground
Signal Aout 42 - Carnaval
Signal Aout 42 - Dead is calling (dance remix)
Signal Aout 42 - I Want To Push
Signal Aout 42 - Pleasure And Crime
Signal aout 42 - Pro Patria
Signal Aout 42 - Right Thing (Remix) (1989)
Signal Aout 42 - Submarine dance
Signal Aout 42 - To Talk Nonsense
Signal Aout 42 - Voice of hell
Signal Aout 42 - Why not
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - 21st Century boy
Sil - Windows
Silicon Dream - Marcello the Mastroianni (razormaid remix)
Single Gun Theory - Exorcise This Wasteland (Remix)
Soft Cell - Memorabilia (Extended)
Some Mushrooms Approach - Marsh mellow
Sons of Nippon - Sepuku Beat (Bruxelles Mix)
Sons of Nippon - Sepuku Beat (Toyko Mix)
Sound To Light - Breeze
Sound To Light - He Butcher
Sound To Light - Nova-Quire
Space Opera - Electrowave
Space Opera - Mandate My Ass
Space Opera - Space 3001 (Part 1)
Space Opera - Space Opera Theme
Spectralyzer - Break Down (1991)
Speed Emperors - New Vibration Beat (Instrumental Mental Mix)
Spicelab - Amorph
Spicelab - Placebo
Stardiver - Lifetime Mission (10 Minutes Of Stardiving)
Starter - Victim
Steve 'Silk' Hurley - Jack Your Body (to cut) (1987)
Syamese - Drum (Murder Mix)
Syntech - By Trial & Error
Syntech - Discontented
Syntech - Reaction
Talking Heads - Born under punches (and the beat goes on)
Talking Heads - Burning Down the House
Talking Heads - Making Flippy Floppy (Jellybean Remix)
Talking Heads - Once in a lifetime (extended mix)
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (12'' Version)
Talking Heads - Slippery People (12'' version)
Tanith - No more music by the suckers
Tanith - What is noise
Tantra - Hills of Katmandu (to cut)
Tantra - Tarot Suite
Tantra - Wishbone
TC Matic - Putain putain
Techno Bert - Neue Dimensionen
Teknika - Makinacion
Teknika - Melody
Teknika - Yo no pienso en la muerte
Telex - Moskow Discow
Test Department - New World Order
The B'52's - Trism
The B-52's - Whammy Kiss
The Beat - Don't Drop The Beat (Instrumental) (1989)
The Beat Machine - Mr. zig zag
The Bridge - Love Dance (industrial mix)
The Brotherhood of Sleep - New Beat, a Musical Phenomenon
The Brothers - A Nigger In Afghanistan (1988)
The Fair Sex - The excess
The Gruesome Twosome - Hallucination Generation (extended)
The Hippies On LSD - Love & Peace (1988)
The Honeymoon Killers - J4
The Infinity Project - Freedom from the Flesh
The Infinity Project - Hyperactive
The Infinity Project - Hyperspaced
The Infinity Project - The Law
The Infinity Project - Virtual Reality Is Here
The Invincible Limit - The accomplishment
The Invincible Spirit - Push! (1986)
The KLF - What Time is Love
The Mackenzie - Freak out
The Maxx - Cocaine
The Maxx - Evolution
The Maxx - Your highness
The Neon Judgement - T.V. Treated
The Neon Judgment - Concrete
The Neon Judgment - Fashion Party
The Orb - The Roof Is on Fire
The Overlords - God's Eye On Goa
The Overlords - Organic (Instrumental)
The Overlords - Sundown
The Overlords - Wow! Mr. Yogi
The Pleasure Trip (Non Vocal Mix)
The Residents - Kaw - Liga (Prarie Mix)
The Shamen - You, Me and Everything (Evil Edit) (1989)
The Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love (Extended Version)
The Subjects - Drink from heaven (instrumental mix)
The The - Giant
The The - I've Been Waitin' For Tomorrow (All Of My Life)
The Vanderbilt Connection - Braindamage
The Visions of Shiva - Perfect day
The Weathermen - Let Them Come To Berlin [12'']
The Weathermen - Poison! (1987)
The Wheathermen - Deep Down South
The Willesden Dodgers - Breakin' Out
The Willesden Dodgers - Gunsmoke Breakout
Thirteen at Midnight - Last True Friends
Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science
Time modem-Die Zeit Der Zusammenkunft
Time To Time - Butzelmann (Instrumental-Mix)
Time To Time - Tanzpirator (Instrumental Mix)
Time Zone - The Wildstyle
Time Zone - The World Of God
Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood (12'' Version)
Torch Song - Mothdoom Ecstasy (12'' remix)1985
Torch Song - Prepare to Energize
Tragic Error - Klatsche In Die Hande
Tragic Error - Remote control
Tragic Error - Tanzen
Tranceporter - Open up your mind
Traxx - Malfunction
Tribal Ghost - The message
Tribantura - Bequest
Tribantura - Getting Hurt Or Killed
Tribantura - Lack of Sense
Tribantura - Relief
Tricky Disco - Disco 128
Trilithon - Children Of The Future
Trilithon - Choice
Trilithon - Prayer
Trilithon - Synrise
Trilithon - Trance Dance
Turntable Hoschis - Psychic Complexx
Turntable Hoschis - The Re-Flow
Twice Of Love - Golden Arms (1990)
Two D.J.'S - The Creation
Two Of China - Los Ninos del Parque
U-Tek - Das Mass Der Dinge (Long Version)
U.N.C.L.E. 22 - Sulpher Salsa
Umo Detic - Fahrenheit
Underground Resistance - Riot (1991)
Vodevil - Ven con Nosotros
Voltage Control - Apocalypse
Voltage Control - Jack hallucinates (amok)
Voltage Control - Outer Space Odyssey (part v)
Vomito Negro - Back to Earth
Vomito Negro - In strict tempo (part II)
Vomito Negro - In strict tempo (part III
Vomito Negro - Monday
Vomito Negro - Move Your Body
Vomito Negro - Save the World
Voov - B-User (unusual remix)
Voov - It's Anything You Want It To Be And It's A Gas
Voov - User
Voyou - Germany Calling
Voyou - Houseman
Was (not was) - Wheel me out (long version)
Way of the West-Don't say thats just for white boys
Westbam - Back to the future
Westbam - Cold Stomper
White House White - God Bless America
Why Not - Space Trouble (12 Inch)
X-101 - The final hour - (1991)
Y-Decibel - Strobophonic (innerspace)
Y-Decibel - Strobophonic (outerspace)
Y-Decibel - Strobophonic (radial)
Yagmur - Ali Baba (1987)
Yello - Angel No
Yello - Another Race
Yello - Base for Alec
Yello - Bostich (Original Version)
Yello - Call it Love extended
Yello - Crash Dance
Yello - Daily Disco (1985 version)
Yello - Desert Inn
Yello - Desire (12' Mix)
Yello - Domingo
Yello - Goldrush
Yello - Haunted House
Yello - Heavy Whispers (extended)
Yello - Heavy Whispers
Yello - I Love You (12 mix)
Yello - La Habanera
Yello - Let Me Cry (12'')
Yello - Live At The Roxy
Yello - Lost Again (long)
Yello - No More Words (long)
Yello - Oh Yeah
Yello - Pinball Cha Cha
Yello - Pumping Velvet (12 mix)
Yello - Santiago
Yello - Si Senor The Hairy Grill
Yello - Smile on You
Yello - Sometimes (Dr. Hirsch)
Yello - The Evening's Young (1985 version)
Yello - The Race (12'' mix)
Yello - Tied Up In Gear
Yello - Tied Up In Red
Yello - Unbelievable (Theme From 'Ford Fairlane')
Yello - Vicious Games (12' Mix)
Yello - Vicious Games (instrumental)
Yello - Vicious remix
Yello - Wall Street Bongo
Yello - You got to say yes to another excess (dance mix)
Yello - You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess (UK promo 12 version)
Yum Yum - Einstein
Z-Moor-Z - Heros Dynamique (to cut)
ZAG - Mörder (DJ Version) (1989)
ZAG - Rauchen (Remix) (1989)
Zong - Ugly World (Money Mix)

Sometimes later in the same thread he returns with more tracks.

16 bit - 1x1 equals won
2 Frenchmen - Black Planet (Save The Planet Mix) (1991)
3 Phase feat. Dr. Motte - Der klang der familie [f.u.s.e. mix]
808 State - Disco state
808 State - State to state
A Split Second - Listen (12' version)
A Split Second - Scandinavian (second shot)
AC Fax - Eventide
Acts of Madmen - What's the matter
Agaric - I'm gonna beat dis (instrumental acid mix)
Aircrash Bureau - Exhibition
Aircrash Bureau - Machine
Amusement Nouveau - Amusement nouveau
Android - Sky dancer (dub version)
Apostolis - Clock Croc (House Quickly Mix)
Area 10 - Divisions (Techno Mix)
Arkanoid - Limit (in full effect mix)
Arkanoid - No problem
Art of Noise - Legacy (Extended Version)
Arthur Baker -Too much blood (dub mix)
Assyrian - Without Words (1991)
Atahualpa - La Furia Y El Condor
Atahualpa - Ultimo Imperio
Aufnahme - Ein, Zwei, Drei, Vier (1988)
B.M.Q. - Concept
B.M.Q. - Dance robot
Bangkok - Histerical (frenetic version)
Bangkok - Histerical
Beat Empire - Veni, Vidi, Vici
Beats Workin' - Sure Beats Workin'
Bisca - Learn (inferno mix)
Boom Generation - Brain drain
Boris Mikulic - Bitterer als der tod
C.C.C.P. - American Soviets (instrumental)
C.C.C.P. - Orient Express (Pogo Mix 1)
Carlos Peron - 2500 miles to run.mp3
Channel 5 - This is a test (1988)
Chinese Ways - Secrets of China
Code 61 - Drop the deal (original version)
Cold Sensation - Belgian Music train
Confidential - Psychopath
Cosmic Journey Project - Bassprobe
Cyberaktif - Meltdown
DAF - 1st step to heaven (part 1)
DAF - 1st step to heaven (part 2)
Danton's Voice - Kick Your (Diet Mix)
Dark Comedy - War Of The Worlds (Epic Mix)
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Ecstatic Dub Edit)
Depeche Mode - Kaleid [7' Version]
Depeche Mode - Kaleid [When Worlds Mix]
Der Bose Mann - Kommt Mit Mir
Distortion - Mind Extension (Club Mix)
Dr Baker - Reality (rage hard mix)
Dr Kevorkian - Aftermath (option 1)
Dr. Zarkhov - Interplanetary Adventures (1989)
Dreams - Dreams (Final Dance)
Dynamite - Armageddon
Eat Static - Eat static
Eat Static - Raga
EBN OZN - AEIOU Sometimes Y (Dub Version - Instrumental)
Edwards & Armani - Desert silence
Edwards & Armani - Utopia
Electra - The Future (Edition 2)
Electric Theatre - The Killer
English Boy On The Loveranch - Sex Vigilante {Deathwish Mix}
Escape - Escape To Earth
F.O.G. - Electricity (1989)
Force Dimension - Menthol
Forgotten Worlds - Echoes
Frankfurter - Qui es tu, toi
Front Line Assembly - Obsession
Frontline Assembly - Dark Dreams
Frontline Assembly - Nine and a half times
Frontline Assembly - Right Hand Of Heaven
Fruit of life - Are you conservative (conservative mix) - 1988
Ghostdance - Ghostbeat (new beat mix)
Greater than One - Ignorance is the agent of fear
Hanta Yo - Jack is dead (1990)
Hermetech Mastering
Fuck yeah, what an amazing list! smile

That Blancmange "Living On The Ceiling" is a total later Goa Trance blueprint:

Rockin' Banana! There's by the way a Laurent mixtape from 1988 up on Soundcloud:

There's also some homage-style mixes over on and
Hermetech Mastering
Cool, this is the one I posted first in this thread (under a different user name). I re-listened again recently and it's still ace: ce.html
great lists ... got lots of that in my collection.... I used to like mixing up killing jokes dragon fly remixes and some early goa and KLF what time is love? heartbeat remix when I used to dj at the Hardclub (gossips dean st) in London early 90's was a emb/ industrial night but it worked
Hermetech Mastering
Recently mastered this modern (but proto Goa in style) track for Gabriel Masurel/Blue Planet Corporation too, great stuff:

[bandcamp width=100% height=470 track=2796830859 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
just for the record i have goa gil's record collection sitting here in my house and literally EVERY RECORD ON THAT LIST is here. it's perverse.
Hermetech Mastering
so jealous!

Wow, that original Discogs thread is good!

I need to take a serious look at that list at one time, a lot of tracks I don't know there...
computer controlled
I made this mix back in 2000, it's all Acid Trance. What to me is trance at it's apex. -%20My%20Definition%20Of%20Trance.mp3

I regret not being able to put a few records on here i dind't have at the time. Namely Hexgone's Burning Trash Floor, Gravitational Arch of 10, and Age of Love.
Hermetech Mastering
Track list?
computer controlled
After 14 years, i can't really say all of them =o]

Tracks 1-4 are all Woody McBride
Edge Records #4 make up two tracks
Resistance D - Approach and Identify
Nico - So Light
Hardfloor - Blue Monday remix and Acperience 1
And a couple of Nighttripper tracks at the end.

seriously, i just don't get it
Hermetech Mastering
Nice, I have quite a few of those on vinyl still, and the Age of Love you mentioned not including. Was a fab time for music!
Hermetech Mastering wrote:
Pink Floyd's "On the Run" is a great track, but I'm not necessarily sure I'd call it Trance. As far as I'm concerned the earliest definitive Trance track was The KLF's original What Time Is Love (Pure Trance Mix) from 1988, which still blows me away. 68

This one's from 84 though:

I'm not sure about that Pink Floyd song either, plus this one is from 68 and much closer, except for the weird 60s mix (I don't like the video):
I think also when you get to the proto-Goa stuff, not all of it is going to be based on Indian culture, a lot of it will be based on Arab or North African culture (real or perceived);


Bojmir Raj Raj
The roots of all form of boom-chick boom-chick electronic dance music go way, way back!
Babaluma wrote:
Whilst perusing the forum over at

I came across a few interesting links on the Goa scene in the 80's.

Here is a report by Erik Davis, author of Techgnosis:

And here is an excellent article written by a dude who was actually there: s-of-trance.html

And a podcast link to a wonderful two hour set in .mp3 featuring 80's Goa classics to accompany the article above: ce.html

It's really interesting to hear the influences and then compare them with what (some might say sadly) became the Psy Trance we know today.

Anyway, I just thought some of you might be interested!

i fucking love that mix. listening to it as we speak.
Babaluma wrote:
here is a link to the only surviving laurent set in existence, from 1987. i haven't listened to it yet:

link is dead... does anyone else have a link to this? or a name to search for?
Thinking about about attempts to transcend the material world by DJing EBM off of cassette tapes on a beach in India could somehow wind its way forward through time and transmute into fest culture and the worst of the worst in terms of what dance music has to offer the world.
Rex Coil 7
ignore ... I thought I was posting elsewhere...

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