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EHX Synth9 Pedal
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Author EHX Synth9 Pedal
EHX Synth9

9 different models. Not bad for an emulation being controlled by a guitar pickup.
Horrible promo video.
But the polyphony is interesting.
I've never met a guitar synth that works as good as the promo video.
Anybody here try this IRL yet? Been considering a Micro Synth, but the polyphony on this appeals. Also looking at the Mel9.
it sounds good and the tracking time is nowhere nearly anywhere as bad as a bunch of people (mostly dong-handed wank-off soloists) claim.
Do these work on bass? I seem to recall reading that they don't track down to low E...
yeah, they are definitely a liiiiittle wonky on bass (unless you are talking the Bass Micro-Synth, which completely slays)
I'd love to chain all of the EHX synth/keyboard effects together and see how they sound when they're all on.
mateo wrote:
Do these work on bass? I seem to recall reading that they don't track down to low E...

I have the ADDAC Eurorack version of the Mel9 pedal which is based on the same tech. It does not work below the Bass low "A" string.

Theses are NOT tracking synthesizers. There don't strictly do any pitch detection/tracking like the classic guitar synths. There is not tracking problems with them. They basically are re-synthesis engines. They take the input tone and re-synthesize it to the sounds you hear. The output tonality depends a bit on the input tonality.

The ADDAC Mel9 module version wants to see a complete sound as an input, not a control voltage or gate, a complete sound like it would get from a guitar string. For the best output, if you want to re-create the Mellotron sound it is geared to making, the tonality of the input should be as similar to a guitar sound as you can get. I imagine the same is for this "synth" pedal. If you deviate from that sound, then the output deviated also.

The Mel9 (and ones like it) will re-synthesize EVERYTHING they hear - buzzes, hums, crackles, everything. This is one of the drawbacks of the tech. It will "track" polyphonic and pitches but also any extraneous noises too. It doesn't care about equal tempered either since it is just converting the input pitches.

These machine can sound really cool, at least the Mel9 version does a great job, but you do have to give it something nice to work with as a input. Care with the right input can give you a great output.

I was feeding loops into mine from a sample player module and accidentally flipped into a drum track and it was very cool sounding. It made string sounds out of the toms, but basically passed the noise of the snares as noises too, sort of stringy noises. Fun stuff. The ADDAC implementation of the pedal is stellar BTW, CV and invert switches on about everything you would need. Sweet.
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