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Author hexenight
Been away from posting for a while, but finally linked up with someone in my new town of Portland that's on the level.

Not entirely sure this is the right forum for this thing, but we're approaching industrial from a noise perspective.

Just a practice room recording without vocals, but it's a start.

updated song:
Sounds good, I dig the big drums!
Thanks! It's the first electronic music I'm involved in making. I played guitar in an industrial band in the 90s, but I had no input on the programming. I'm sampling beats I play on my Octapad into an SP404 to free up my hands during the songs. We run the Octapad through some really long reverb and a Musket fuzz.

We've got about 20 minutes of material now and are going to try getting an opening gig sometime soon. Should be stressful!
Sounds awesome! Very NINesque, dig it
Sounds awesome!
Hah, thanks! We actually dropped that song from the set. It was our first attempt, and while we like it, it's not representative of the rest of the material.

This one's more in the noise vein. There's a beat, but it's just to keep the normal folk interested. I find little artistic risk in going Full Noise. You're mostly just playing to the converted with something like HNW. There's more fun for me to build some kind of pop scaffolding around something strange.
This is what we're running with as a full set at the moment.
NICE stuff!

That's where I am too. Adding a beat into the noise.
But I'm trying to find a way into displaying rhthm vith effects, like a tap-tempo-delay or similar.

Aaaand also always been playing guitar. Hence always trying to throw something musical in there, even for a second.

I got some 3 drummers hanging around our rehealsalplace.
Would be great to try out Droning noise with a live drummer.

Keep up the good work!
I am doing something similar - creating a space with a drum set and a bunch of modular. I think something interesting will come out of this...
We mangled a Britney Spears remix by Salem. Added filth; and the vocals are us singing veeerrryyy slllooowwwwllyy.
Settled on the name hexenight and made a Facebook page.

If you like what you've heard, give us a like. It makes it easier to get shows if the numbers are higher.
You mentioned you used to play guitar in an industrial band. Mind sharing that? I'm interested in your work beyond what you have posted!
I'd love to, but there's no extant documentation of our work. We were just a local band in S Florida circa '99. We recorded a little practice demo, and played a couple dozen shows, but it's all been lost to time. :(

Honestly, it was... fine. Nothing terribly remarkable. On the more aggressive end of the spectrum with industrial. We had a live drummer, some beats that went over that, and some synth patches that our keys guy played. It was a more abrasive NIN clone. Which is odd, since I don't really listen to NIN, or industrial - even now. This is just what comes out of me when I'm put around electronic instruments.
abandonist wrote:
There's a beat, but it's just to keep the normal folk interested.

don't compromise, do what you like and where your heart is. too many bands already that are middle of the road, even in the industrial camp ... next you know you'll be getting a cute girl upfront zombie
Haha, we're definitely doing what we want. The problem we run into is collating the songs. We're kinda working on 3 simultaneous EPs since the material varies so widely. Some songs just don't fit together thematically or sonically.

Going in to the studio next Sunday to record the first (and hopefully the second) batch of songs. We've got the whole day booked, so I can't imagine not being able to get through 4 5-minute songs, then at least laying down the G'wetia drone set. We can mix it at a later date if needed.
Got both EPs recorded. Now we need to do all the other stuff - art, cassette duping, scheduling, etc. Going to submit to a couple tape labels and see if anyone's interested.

Playing our first show in June. Anyone in Portland is welcome to come hang: 2%3A%2222%22%2C%22feed_story_type%22%3A%2222%22%2C%22action_history%22 %3A%22null%22%7D&pnref=story
First EP:
We're going to be doing sound design and score for a feature length horror film. Should be a ton of fun. If you're interested, please consider sharing it. The principals are good friends, and talented folk. ure-horror#/
Released a new ep:
Playing October 11th with Sutekh Hexen and Hissing at Tonic Lounge.
New album:
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