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Ciat + Eurorack
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Author Ciat + Eurorack
Hi all,
I've recently purchased the wonderful 0-Coast by Make Noise, and I'd like to make it play with my Plumbutter 2 and Cocoquantus 1.

I have a low-gain UTL-1 to handle the common grounding as well as banana <-> 3.5 conversion.
I want to ensure that I minimize the risk of destroying my much-loved gear. I've seen various threads on this board over the past couple years of people giving info on either integrating Ciat with Eurorack and also just providing basic voltage info.

I'm hoping to find out what people have tried and is known to be safe.
Here's what I've seen

Setherian's CV Wave/Range Analysis

Thread started by arnoux with similar questions: c898cb5529c3eef9ac283fb
Also some good info here: 9dcbec40933ad673e3a240
and here: ays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=fishy

But, I recently discovered a thread where someone killed their Maths with a PB2, and they weren't using the brown nodes directly.
I don't think anyone conculuded what the issue was...

Can anyone provide any further guidance or point to any links on this forum or elsewhere?

Curious to know this as well.
I built a quick diy format jumbler with a old tupper ware container.

screw in 7 eurorack jacks and 8 banana jacks. soldered all 7 eurorank jack to the 7 bananas and then soldered all grounds of the eurorak jacks to the remaining banana jack, which is used as a ground jack for the plumbutter.

works both ways. only remember not to connect anything from the brown outputs to other outside stuff (or was it the yellow ultrasounds – not sure at the moment).

costs about 10 euro (including the container) and was done in 30 minutes
i've done this on many occasions with both Low-Gain and DIY format jumblers without any issues.

piezo & deerhorn antenna CV output voltages on the CL gear that i've used with euro are very low, so i haven't had a lot of luck using voltages from deerhorn organ or tetrax. if you're going for something very subtle, they'd be great.

audio plays between the two formats very well in my experience.

hope this helps.
I used the orange rolls out with a mixer to ping filters in eurorack. some nice patterns to be had
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